The Working Class Must Build and Strengthen Its Own Political Party

August 19, 2016

In the battle for political power, the working class must come out as an independent political force, as a class for itself with its own aims, agenda and program. 

A key to developing the political independence of the working class is the fortification, consolidation and growth of the mass workers’ press. 

Such a mass workers’ press must be radically different from the political organs that serve the Democratic and Republican parties or other parties of the capitalist class. 

Such mass workers’ press is absolutely not a vote generator, presenting political “choices” to the people every 2 or 4 years. That is, as the voice of a genuine political party of the working class, it must not – like the capitalist press – aim at assisting the party to win political power for itself. Rather it must aim at creating a new political power in which the people, not political parties, actually are sovereign and rule. 

Such a mass workers’ press must be built by the workers themselves. And it must continuously place itself in the forefront of the struggles of the working class and broad masses of people to open the path for the progress of the movement for economic rights, democratic renewal, a democratic foreign policy, and socialism. 

At every step of the way, such a mass workers’ press must seek to draw the broadest possible sections of the people into active political life. 

By reading “The Worker,” by sharing it with friends, by joining in the organized activity of a group to discuss and distribute “The Worker,” by sending in reports and contributing articles to the mass workers’ press, people equip themselves with the consciousness and organization needed to provide the immediate struggles with perspective, confidence and militancy. Furthermore such activity helps to prepare the ground for the workers to come out as a class for themselves and wage the political struggles needed to bringing a new agenda – a genuinely pro-social agenda – to center-stage in the life of our country.