Working Class Goals

January 7, 2020

We live in an era when the modern working class has emerged as the decisive social force. The working class not only comprises the vast majority of the people of our country, but the history of the last century and a half shows that, on a world scale, the working class has been at the center of every movement for progress, enlightenment and the emancipation of the people.

On average, a worker in the U.S. creates new values equal to her/his wages in less than two hours. Thus, during a typical 8-hour day, more than six hours of labor accrue to the capitalist as surplus value. As a whole this exploitation of labor makes up the foundation of our modern economy, created by the social cooperation of some 250 million people. It is not hard to recognize that our country’s vast economy already produces more than enough goods and services to meet the needs of all human beings and has the potential to produce far more than it is producing at the moment.

The deeds and plans  – the political programs – which embody the essential principles of so-called “good governance” being pursued by the Democrats and Republicans is one which the monopoly-capitalist drive for grabbing more profit is served by throwing obstacles in the way of that potential and shifting an ever-greater burden onto the people.

Monopoly capital is imposing a thoroughly reactionary, anti-social agenda on the country – imposing new and more intense forms of exploitation on the workers, slashing social investments in education, in health care, in income-support programs, in Social Security, etc., etc., privatizing the public infrastructure and stripping away any guarantees for the economic and human rights of the people. To impose this agenda on the people, the government and the monopoly capitalist class spend billions to guarantee that the people are completely excluded from the political power.

The anti-social agenda is an agenda of putting all our resources at the disposal of big business, financing the repressive apparatus of the state, militarizing the country and launching new wars – in short, arbitrarily imposing the dictate of big business over the whole country.

It does not take much to understand that the government program of all-around militarization of the society and the raising of a vast national police force charged with spying in the name of “homeland security” and criminalizing dissent is antagonistic to the interests of the workers. It does not take much to understand that the government program of imposing 90% of the tax burden on the working masses while giving hundreds of billions in handouts to the monopoly corporations hardly reflects the desires and interests of the majority.

The fundamental reality is that at its very foundation our society is divided into classes. The primary function of the state is precisely to maintain and enforce these social relations. Through their ownership of the economic lifelines of society, through their economic domination of the society as a whole, the monopoly capitalist class is always able to subordinate the state to its interest. The political reality is that the monopoly capitalist class is in the driver’s seat while the workers and people are disempowered.

This situation must be changed. It is a national disgrace that in the U.S. in the 21st century the society remains plagued by unemployment, low wages and poverty; that it remains a society in which racial discrimination and violent repression are constant facts of life.

Everyone should join in the on-going struggles of the people and take their thinking and concerns to heart. The working people are already in motion fighting for higher wages and better working conditions, against downsizing, restructuring, contracting out, privatization, the substitution of part-time work for full-time, etc. The workers are defending their daily economic interests through political struggles to assert that they are more than beasts of burden to be exploited by the capitalists. Struggles are breaking out to oppose U.S. imperialist wars of aggression, to demand education and a future for the children as well as income support for the unemployed and disabled and a secure pension for retired workers. Ever-wider sections of people are raising demands for a moratorium on interest payments and cancelation of the debt. Many struggles are breaking out to defend the civil liberties and democratic rights of the people, etc., etc.  

The significance of these struggles goes far beyond their ability to impede the process of the impoverishment of the proletariat; they also contribute enormously to the ability of the working class to carry out more mature forms of the class struggle. A successful pro-social agenda of the working class is one that makes continual inroads against the political economy of capitalism in favor of the implementation of rights which are ignored or as of yet unrecognized.

So too, the revolutionary leaders which are emerging from these struggles have an important role to play in creating a new political culture within a prevailing atmosphere in which, at all costs, the bourgeoisie want to deprive the workers of the consciousness 1) that the class struggle of the workers and oppressed people is the motive force of social development; 2) that in the course of their struggle the workers become conscious of the laws of social development and use this consciousness to 3) conquer the political power and carry through the social revolution which overthrows capitalism and builds the new socialist and communist society.

The permanent victories that we seek along the path of social change are the ever-growing consciousness and organization of the people themselves.