Workers Party's Fight for the Pro-Social Agenda

June 26, 2014

In the present conditions serious responsibilities as well as tremendous possibilities confront the Party and the working class activists.

Every day, as the crisis of capitalism deepens, as the big monopolies keep imposing their thoroughly anti-social agenda on our country, more and more people are looking for a genuine alternative to the bankrupt politics of the capitalist class.

Capitalist restructuring and the drive to “increase U.S. competitiveness in the global economy” are imposing new and more intense forms of exploitation on the workers. For example, practically every worker feels the pressure of job and economic insecurity as the capitalists increasingly shift to a contingent workforce; wage cuts as well as the slashing of vital benefits such as health care and pensions are dramatically undermining the workers' standard of living; labor legislation, enacted over the last 60 years and more to establish certain minimal protections on such questions as hours of work, unionization, health and safety, workers' compensation, etc., is under attack all across the country.

In addition, the capitalist class is carrying out a profoundly reactionary agenda in all spheres of society. Government investments in vital social programs – from education to health care to Social Security – are being slashed. The public infrastructure, the delivery of vital public services and the social sectors of the economy are being privatized.  This anti-social agenda aims at stripping away any concept of rights and entitlements for the workers and denying that government has any responsibility for the well-being of the people.

In the face of this offensive, it is the working class which must come forward as the political leader of the whole country, mobilizing people on the basis of an agenda which corresponds with the needs of social development and the demands of the people.

The experience of the Workers Party shows that all the conditions exist for mobilizing people on the basis of a genuinely forward-looking, pro-social program. Wherever the Party has taken the initiative to develop its independent program, large numbers of workers and activists as well as various organized political forces have been eager to take up the fight. This is the Party's experience, for example, in the struggle against privatization, in the Campaign for Economic Rights, in the work on democratic renewal, in assisting the development of the pro-social press, etc. Bringing forward a positive, pro-active program – a program which opens the way for the renewed progress of our country – is the key to empowering people to come into independent political life.