Who Was There to Vote For?

November 27, 2012

The 2012 elections again revealed the bankruptcy of the current election process and the people's alienation from the political system.

For one thing, only about 50% of the country's voting age population cast ballots. This low voter turnout reflects the fact that from the standpoint of the workers and people the elections are meaningless because the people have absolutely no say-so in the selection of the candidates. The Democratic and Republican parties maintain a monopoly over the electoral system, even though tens of millions of people long-ago rejected both these parties. Thus the elections are not about the people choosing their representatives; the elections are, at most, a contest between various millionaires and their paid hirelings over who will get the spoils of office.

Furthermore, the political "messages" and "programs" of the Democratic and Republican candidates showed how decayed and rotten the system is. Billions of dollars were spent on mud-slinging and empty breast-beating. None of the concerns of the people were taken up for discussion. In fact, the whole election process is part of a program of de-politicizing the people – of writing off the people's concerns and excluding the people from participating in political affairs.

Thus, since the entire electoral process is rigged and organized against the people, it is not at all surprising that such a huge section of the population refused to vote or give their consent to the present system of government.

Fundamental change is needed.

The urgent political task of the times is for the workers and people to carry out a thorough-going renewal of the political process and political system. The people themselves must be the sovereign power and, amongst other things, have the right and means to bring forward their own agenda and initiate political, economic and social changes. The people must decide directly, through referendum and other means, on the fundamental direction of the country. Further, a new electoral system must be created through which the people themselves have the direct power to nominate the candidates for office and to run themselves. Government officials must remain, at all times, under the direct supervision of the people and represent their interests and agenda, not the narrow interests of a few.

As the current political system continues to rot, the governmental power will only become more arbitrary and opposed to the needs of the overwhelming majority of the people. The workers and people must take the future of our country into their own hands by organizing their independent movement with the aim of creating a new political power.