What Kind of Society?

January 9, 2014

In the United States, the exploiting classes have brought workers from the four ends of the earth to the U.S. to be superexploited as slaves, indentured servants, "illegal" immigrants, "temporary" workers, etc. for some four centuries. This barbaric exploitation has been written into the law of the land.

Today, U.S. immigration law serves the capitalist class by maintaining a racist, apartheid-like caste system which imposes discrimination and superexploitation on people on the basis of national origin. 10-12 million workers are denied all legal rights and mercilessly exploited by the capitalists in the U.S. In addition, the government has been intensifying discrimination against immigrants with so-called "legal" status, denying them basic entitlements, including Supplemental Security Income for the disabled, public health services, etc. So too, hundreds of thousands of "guest workers" are used as indentured servants by the capitalists every year.

In addition to being superexploited, immigrants are systematically denied their political rights. According to U.S. immigration law, immigrants can be excluded or deported on the basis of their political beliefs and affiliations and are denied the right to vote and other legal protections.

* * *

The program of the Workers Party for Democratic Renewal includes carrying through to the end the centuries-old struggle of the American people to create a society which guarantees – in practice – equal social, political, and economic rights for all human beings. For more than 200 years, bourgeois political theory has promised equal rights for all but denied these rights in practice. Despite the paper promises, despite the various laws on the books, the reality is that capitalism continues to impose a system of racial discrimination and national oppression on black Americans and other oppressed minorities, women remain super-exploited, oppressed and marginalized, etc. The reason is that no matter what promises are made, the capitalist state and capitalists democracy are set up in the first place to defend the "rights" of private property in the means of production, set up to maintain the exploitation and oppression of the majority – to deny the people their inalienable rights.