What is Blocking the Way?

January 19, 2017

It is simply the ABC of modern life that society is divided into classes and that classes organize themselves into political parties to carry on the struggle for their interests. Today in the U.S., despite the fact that the capitalist class and its propagandists try to ban even the use of such words as classes and class struggle, nothing can hide the division of American society into capitalists and workers and no amount of propaganda can change the reality that the polarization and struggle between these two classes is sharpening every day. In the present conditions of the permanent and deepening crisis of capitalism, the capitalist class, well-organized in its state machine (government), political parties, etc., is waging an all-sided struggle against the working people. 

The role of the state and the capitalist monopoly on political power is reflected in the bi-partisan political agenda of the government. In the first place, Obama’s aggressive war program, which is based on serving the interests of the monopoly capitalist class, illustrates the extent to which the current political power is used against the interests of the people. This program will not disappear after Trump’s inauguration. So too, take the issue of economic policy. Despite the worsening economic situation and the growing hardships facing the working people, the government steadfastly and arbitrarily pursues an economic agenda of putting big business first, while attacking the economic rights of the people. At all levels of government, the Republican and Democratic program is to cut social investments in education, income-support for the poor, health care, etc., even while continuing to use the federal treasury to guarantee super-profits for the arms merchants and big bankers. But the people have not been con
sulted, much less allowed to decide on this agenda. Rather, the agenda is monopolized and dictated by the two big parties and the class forces that stand behind them. The voice and needs of the people are completely excluded. 

Precisely because there is so much opposition to their entire program – the program of war, robbery, racism and repression – the capitalists very much rely on revisionism and opportunism. 

The favorite tactic of revisionism and opportunism for keeping the working class and popular struggles under the political domination of the bourgeoisie is the so-called broad coalition. In organizing these coalitions, the revisionists begin by finding the most reactionary elements possible and placing them at the head of the movement. Thus, for example, the revisionists and opportunists are not only boosting Jesse Jackson and Elizabeth Warren as the leaders of the spontaneous pro-social movement, but are also praising them to the skies for occasionally expressing verbal displeasure with some of the state’s most blatant atrocities. 

According to the revisionists, the success and “broadness” of an organization is measured precisely by how many reactionaries pay lip service to it. And what is the price for bringing such elements into the “broad coalition?” Naturally all of the demands and positions of the working class and popular masses must be suppressed in order not to “turn off” the “big name” capitalist politicians. While the revisionist “coalition-builders” claim “political neutrality,” they always work to exclude Marxist-Leninist position and organization from their coalition. Thus, at the very foundation of the revisionists’ “broad coalition” is the negation of the proletarian party, the negation of the very concept of the working class as an independent political force with a stand and policy of its own. In attacking the proletarian party, the revisionists are admitting that their allegiance is to the parties of the rich, the parties of the capitalist class. 

The revisionist “broad coalition” is, in reality, not a coalition of progressive parties or forces, at all, but a vehicle for preventing the workers from drawing a clear line between their interests and the interests of the capitalists, a vehicle for keeping the struggling masses under the political domination of the capitalist class.