We Must Reclaim and Modernize Our Public Schools!

April 13, 2014

From the earliest days of our country, the working people have fought for a system of education based on 3 great pillars – 1) universal public schooling; 2) the demand for equality in education; and 3) an enlightened, modern curriculum.

Today the capitalist class and the government are attacking each of these pillars.

The government is rapidly privatizing the public schools, turning billions in public funds over to private educational “entrepreneurs” and literally giving away the school infrastructure built up over generations.

The government is intensifying a dual system based on separate and unequal schools which track the poor into dead-end jobs and/or military service.

So too, the government is trampling on the freedom of conscience and inquiry. Instead of defending science and secular knowledge, it is tailoring the school curriculum to the “competitive needs” of U.S. business and poisoning our youth with the chauvinism and militarism of U.S. imperialism.

The important thing to understand is that the attacks on the schools are not isolated, occasional phenomenon but part of a generalized campaign. Thus, these attacks require a generalized – i.e. a political – response from the working people. All sections of the people – students and teachers, parents and concerned citizens – must come out together. We must come into the political arena not only to put a stop to the attacks on the public schools. We must take the initiative and unfold a powerful struggle for the all-around renewal and modernization of the public schools.

Modernizing our schools includes:

– increasing investments in the public schools and the extension of universal, public education to include pre-K through the university.

– fulfilling the promise of equality by guarantying full and equal funding for all the schools.

– struggling for an all-sided, modern and enlightened curriculum which assists the people in their struggle for progress and democracy.