For Your Information: U.S. Operates With Hired Guns in Iraq

March 24, 2014

The use of private military contractors is an important part of the strategy of U.S. imperialism in its attempts to subjugate Iraq while wearing the mask of “liberator” and “protector.”

Private military contractors are not even governed in words by the same regulations that formally apply to the U.S. military, which makes them practically immune from prosecution in Iraq. This in turn allows them even more agility in their use of brutal tactics with less fear of recourse.

Furthermore, the use of contractors provides more space for U.S. imperialism’s high command to hide its hand when an atrocity is exposed.

In addition, the use of private military contractors allows for ambiguity about how many troops really are occupying the country. Officials claim not to know how many hired guns are in Iraq, although former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates once admitted to an estimated 25,000 private security contractors and others have spoken of substantially higher numbers.