U.S. Imperialism is the Organizer and Instigator of Israel's Genocidal War Against the Palestinians

February 18, 2015

Since Obama took office the American people have been bombarded with propaganda 1) blaming the Palestinian people for every tragedy which has befallen them, and 2) declaring that the U.S. government is a neutral arbiter capable of negotiating a solution to the crisis in the Middle East. 

In fact from day one Obama’s administration has been reading the Palestinians the riot act even while using the tactic of imperialist diplomacy to cover over the fact that Israel refuses to negotiate over any of the just demands of the Palestinian people. 

The just demands of the Palestinian people include immediate disarming of the paramilitary settlers, removal of all Israeli settlements from Palestinian territory, withdrawal of Israeli troops, an end to Israeli “closures,” i.e., the sealing off of Palestinian land, by-pass roads to re-enable Palestinian access to their jobs and universities, an end to the policy of land confiscation, removal of the “security fence,” and Israeli recognition of the inalienable right of the Palestinians to their own independent Palestinian state on their own land. 

From the start, the agenda imposed by the U.S. on the “talks” pushed the U.S.-Israeli demand for U.S.-style political and judicial institutions and oversight of Palestinian finances by the World Bank and the IMF. The very starting point of this agenda was that the Palestinians must renounce any and all resistance to U.S.-Israeli occupation.  First Hilary Clinton and then John Kerry supported the formation of a neo-colonial administration completely under domination of Israeli civil and military authorities. 

Obama’s increased military aid to finance Israel’s genocidal war against Palestine also contributed to delaying the establishment of an independent, sovereign Palestinian state.

No one should have any illusion about the U.S. goals or of the monstrous crimes it has committed and is planning. U.S. imperialism has not changed its view of the Palestinian people as an obstacle to Israel’s “security” and annexation of more territory. As the military events of last summer severely prove, U.S. imperialism – the capitalist class and capitalist government – will commit any crime in order to maintain Israel as its military outpost in the strategic Middle East.