$80 Million U.S. Airstrike on Syria Violates the Sovereignty of That Country and Intensifies the Grave Dangers Facing the Peoples

April 12, 2017

On April 6, as leading members of both parties rushed in to voice their support of the new president’s executive decision, Trump ordered airstrikes on Syria using the pretext of preventing a future chemical attack.

American people are expected to “disprove” this absurd claim coming from the #1 user of chemical weapons in the world, or be forced to accept the dictate of the government in declaring yet another aggressive war.

This political tactic is nothing but an attempt to put the anti-war movement in a permanently reactive position. The people are told to get behind one or another of an array of limited options displayed by their political “representatives.” These are always kept within the distorted confines of the bourgeois “version” of history. On the one side of the scale, the “skepticism” of Rand Paul (R) offers an option. On the other side of the scale lies the outspoken backing of the aggression (and complaints that it didn’t go far enough) from politicians like Hillary Clinton (D) and Ted Cruz (R). In the middle of the scale lies support for the airstrikes with caveats about the need for congressional oversight from politicians such as Pelosi (D) and Sanders (D). Within these confines, any denunciation is considered heretical and foolish. The people are told that they elect the president and congress and must trust their judgment.

However, after Thursday’s airstrike on Syria, millions and millions of people are more aware of the nature of U.S. imperialist aggression than ever. Other than military counteraction or threat of loss of political power itself, there is no power that can restrain a U.S. president from inventing any pretext for war at any time he wishes.

Relying on the doctrine that “Might Makes Right” U.S. imperialism is policing the world, trampling on the sovereignty of countries and returning to open colonialism. However, the present international situation marks a new phase in the struggle of imperialist powers to redraw the map of the world and carve it into spheres of colonial and neo-colonial domination. As the economic crisis of world capitalism deepens, each imperialist power tries to escape the crisis by intensifying its exploitation and domination of other countries and beating out its capitalist rivals in the struggle for spheres of influence, natural resources, strategic territory, etc. U.S. imperialism’s first-strike military actions have only further intensified these rivalries and conflicts among the imperialist powers.

None of the big powers – either those in the U.S.-led coalition or Russia – are motivated by an interest in the well-being of the Syrian people.

Today, Syrian society is being torn apart in a struggle between imperialist rivals over regional and global hegemony. These rivalries are intensifying as a direct result of U.S. imperialism’s “war against international terrorism.” So too, U.S. imperialism has been worsening the situation by continually working to disguise its exploiting, aggressive aims by talking peace while in deed, working to militarize every situation. This is done in order to play its military superiority hand to the maximum advantage of the monopoly capitalist class.

Those with a lack of respect for Syrian political institutions and lack of faith in the ability of the Syrian people to govern themselves are only proving that they have done nothing to challenge the ultra-chauvinist doctrines that assert the “moral superiority” of “American values” and serve to disguise the exploiting aims of U.S. imperialism under the banners of “freedom,” “democracy,” and “human rights.” Barring that, they cannot possibly have anything to offer in the resolution of any conflict anywhere. Furthermore, it is U.S. imperialism itself, through it’s longstanding intervention in Syria that is the primary force behind the destabilization campaign.

The strategy is to follow some form of the model already well established – of invasion, ‘nation building’ in the hope of propping up a neo-colonial regime, and criminalizing anyone who fights for a different vision for their own society.

This must be opposed on principle.

Furthermore, no one has any right to demand that the American military carry out any police actions or “nation building” of any foreign country. While it is true that U.S. imperialism took upon itself the role of world policeman and nuclear superpower after WWII, there has never been unity among the American people on this point. There has been mass internal opposition to every single aggressive war launched by the U.S. government. However there has never been a single open discussion or referendum or direct response by the state to any of this mass opposition. While the U.S. government has been forced to refrain from launching some wars to a certain degree as a result of the political struggles of the people, even this remains one of its best kept secrets.

In short, the American people have never gotten to decide. They have only had the “priviledge” of paying in death and taxes for wars launched against peoples they never had any grievance against.

If the American people were organized into constituent committees there would be no space in the society for the American chauvinists to promote their aggressive exploiting program for world domination through war and militarism.

If there is to be any investigation of the use of chemical weapons, it must begin with the atrocities committed by U.S. imperialism in using depleted uranium and phosphorous gas during the course of its Iraq and Yugoslavia wars – admitted facts that U.S. imperialism still has not paid for.

So too, it’s use of chemical weapons in the Gulf War and in several other cases going all the way back to the Korean War, have not yet been prosecuted. Furthermore, the atrocities being carried out by U.S. imperialism not only in Syria, but also in Iraq and Afghanistan, are still ongoing. The U.S. government must withdraw from these countries, pay reparations and undergo other forms of prosecution for their criminal wars of aggression.

As long as the system of capitalist-imperialism prevails, the rivalries and struggles amongst the big powers will continually result in aggressive, imperialist wars. The only antidote to the wars which imperialism is already waging as well as the wars that it is preparing, is the revolutionary movement of the working class and oppressed peoples of the world. History shows that when the working class movement for emancipation and the national liberation struggles of the oppressed nations advance, the peoples can thwart and defeat the plans and wars of imperialism.

Only the peoples can stop the wars!

Peace is the Sacred Cause of the Peoples!