Two Urgent Tasks

September 13, 2011

Despite the U.S. government's insatiable appetite for pre-emptive war and the atmosphere of continual crisis drummed up in the monopoly-controlled media, the American people are not giving way and will not give way to chauvinism and militarism.

On the contrary.

People do not want the U.S. government declaring itself the judge, jury and executioner of the world and imposing Might Makes Right. In fact, broad sections of the people are taking stands against the U.S.-NATO war on Libya as well as the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere. Class conscious workers and political activists are showing how the administration of the so-called "peace president" is using the slogans of "humanitarian intervention" and "defense of democracy" as pretexts to escalate terror and aggression against other countries. At workplaces, on the campuses and in the communities, activists are initiating discussions and working to create an atmosphere in which people can speak out against chauvinism and war. In mass meetings, rallies and other actions organized in cities across the country, large numbers of people are straining to break from the tutelage of the Democrats and to find the ways to give an organized and conscious expression to their demand for an end to the aggressive wars launched by the U.S. government.

Pushing this work forward involves two urgent tasks.

Firstly, we must exert the maximum energy to thwart Obama's plans and stay the hand of the warmakers by bringing the broadest possible sections of people into the anti-war struggle.

At the same time, we must use this work as a new starting point in the struggle for a democratic foreign policy – a policy which ends U.S. militarism, interference and aggression and recognizes the sovereign equality of all peoples. This means laying the foundations for a broad, popular front against war and imperialism. It means strengthening our political independence by organizing in opposition to and struggle against the capitalist class and its political parties, the source of militarism and war.

Both of these tasks take many forms. But the decisive starting point is generating the maximum amount of discussion amongst the people. A profound politicalization process is underway. To assist this, we need to create new space in which people can calmly deliberate over their interests and give expression to the profound anti-chauvinist and anti-war aspirations which beat in the very heart of the American people. We must help foster a new political atmosphere – one in which the lies of the media can be exposed and the facts brought out, one in which those pushed aside and suppressed can speak, one in which people can get to the root of the problem and organize themselves to take action.

The people who already are actively fighting against chauvinism and militarism know that every day – in fact, in almost every discussion – the people are winning. We know that being active – by standing up for what is right – we advance and win. We know that the aspirations of the American people to live in a world of peace and friendship are unconquerable.

Let us rise to the tasks of the times and turn these aspirations into a powerful political movement which stays the hands of the imperialist warmakers and advances towards the goal of abolishing imperialism and war once and for all.