To Our Readers

February 8, 2011

The perspective of the monopoly-controlled media is that there are only, perhaps, a few thousand people in the world – or only a few thousand people who count for anything. There are the Presidents and Foreign Ministers; there are generals and big businessmen; there are sports stars, movie stars and music stars. As for the masses of people, they rarely appear in the monopoly-controlled media and then only as the objects of history, never as active participants with their own aspirations, agenda and struggles.

Breaking this blockade of silence against the working class and popular movements – giving voice to the independent thought and action of the people – is one of the decisive tasks of the mass workers press.

And make no mistake about it. Everyday, the workers and people are thinking and acting in an independent way. Sometimes this takes the form of big actions and social movements, such as strikes, mass protests, political conferences, and so forth. Sometimes this takes the form of people discussing the situation and looking into the problems facing society as well as solutions to these problems.

With the independent movement of the workers and people as our starting point, we aim to:

1) Report, as systematically and comprehensively as possible, on the actual movement and struggles of the people and reflect their thinking and concerns. In other words, we take the activity and thinking of the workers and activists very seriously and we call on them to do the same. Help everyone get a real picture of the conditions and struggles of the people by writing about your experience. Help strengthen the consciousness of everyone by making sure that our press takes up the important issues and provides the needed information.

2) But simply reporting on the movement is not enough. The mass workers' press also aims to give direction to the movement. This includes concentrating attention on the burning issues of the day and especially on how to develop the independent political life of the working class and people. It means building the mass workers' press as a focal point for discussing the aims, agenda, strategy and tactics of the movement. It means using the press as a means to strengthen the independent organization of the workers and for mobilizing the people into independent political life. Again the success of this work depends on the participation of the broadest possible sections of people. Present your views on the political issues of the day. Join in the discussion about how to achieve the independent goals and agenda of the workers and people.

In short, the aim of our press is to help empower the workers and people themselves by enhancing their independent consciousness, organization and program. But people can only empower themselves and that is why we call on all our readers to join in this work.