To Hell With the Republicans and Democrats!
There Is an Alternative!

January 19, 2016

During the current election cycle the profound ideological, cultural and spiritual crisis of our society shows how decayed and rotten the system is. The capitalist media, in all its forms, bombards the people with images of violence and crime, inculcates, covertly and overtly, chauvinism and racism. The so-called “messages” and “programs” of the Democratic and Republican candidates aim both at inciting antagonism among the people and creating an atmosphere of pessimism and fear which is in turn used by the state as a justification for increasing fascism. 

The all-around decay of the culture and the ideological aggression – which is intensified during the election period – seeks to demoralize people and to create a fatalism which leaves the masses without any perspective on life and society. The capitalist cultural aggression aims at the degradation of human beings and at obliterating every human and civilized value from the minds of the people and the memory of society. 

While the two big political parties compete with one another for the spoils of office, they stand together against the interests of the people. When the crisis demands action, when the time for talk is over, both the Republicans and Democrats stand on the bi-partisan program of shifting the economic burden onto the masses; both stand for the program of stripping away the political rights of the people; both stand for the program of militarism and imperialist war. 

During mass work, groups to discuss and distribute The Worker find that there is tremendous opposition to both the Republicans and Democrats. Almost no one expresses any enthusiasm for any of the candidates. People denounce the campaign tactics of both parties which are based on trying, at all costs, to avoid any real discussion over the issues. People express their contempt for the capitalist politicians, who may promise anything during the elections, but once in office only look after their own careers without giving a damn about the needs of the people. 

The workers and people were most interested in talking about how to solve such problems as unemployment; underemployment (part time and temporary jobs;) job insecurity; plummeting wages; high taxes; the government’s assault on labor legislation such as workers’ compensation, unemployment insurance, laws restricting child labor and overtime; the lack of medical care, etc. A large majority of the people were extremely open to the program of the Workers Party. They felt that building a genuine alternative – building a political movement based on the working masses – was a necessary and positive step in order to break the stranglehold which the super-rich exert over the government.