There Is An Alternative!

June 12, 2012

Every day the TV, radio and newspapers are filled with stories about the Presidential candidates. Everyday, the candidates spend huge sums of money advertising themselves. Yet even still the monopoly-controlled media admits that large numbers of people have turned off and tuned out the elections.

Of course, according to the media, this is because people are "apathetic" and "apolitical."

But the fact that people have contempt for the capitalist politicians and the phony elections does not mean that people are "tuned out" to genuine politics. On the contrary. The very acts of boycotting and denouncing the capitalist elections are political statements.

And while people are rejecting capitalist politics, they remain more concerned than ever about the problems facing them and about finding solutions to these problems.

Such solutions – solutions to the problems of poverty, economic insecurity and exploitation, to the problems of militarism and war, to racism and national oppression, to the denial of rights and the exclusion of people from the political process – can only be brought about through the development of the independent politics of the working class.

For those people who are fed up with capitalist politics but remain hesitant about the possibilities for change, there are, of course, many facts and arguments which show the great strength and on-going struggles of the people. But, in the final analysis, the best facts and arguments can be seen in life itself. We say: "Try it Out!" We say that the way to see the revolutionary aspirations and drive of the people is to go amongst them with genuinely independent politics. Only such a politics can interest and mobilize the people.

The Workers Party unites and mobilizes people on the basis of the program of economic rights, democratic renewal, a democratic foreign policy and socialism. Our experience is that by popularizing this independent program as widely as possible and by persisting, on a daily basis, in developing this politics amongst the people, we break the stranglehold of capitalist politics and help people come into active political life on the basis of their own aims and agenda.

Join in building the alternative!