The Peoples Will Stop the War!

October 9, 2014

On September 23, the U.S. extended its “war on terrorism” into Syria.

With the approval of the “Friends of Syria” alliance and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, the U.S. launched a campaign of unilateral airstrikes on Syria.

U.S. bombs and cruise missiles are already taking their toll on the Syrian people. Although U.S. officials say they seek to avoid “collateral damage,” U.S. airstrikes have already killed at least 31 civilians during U.S. bombing raids on Kafr Daryan, al-Raqqa and other strategic hamlets.

Attacks by “moderate rebels” supported by the U.S. air campaign have killed at least 112 civilians.

Unprecedented demagogy about “human rights” and “humanitarianism” is being used to cover over the aims of conquest and exploitation.

According to Obama, the U.S. is bombing to support the operations of the “moderate rebels” of the Free Syria Army which are now said to be opposing ISIL and other “extremists.”

According to the story, the Free Syria Army’s moderate rebels of yesterday are the ISIL terrorists of today.

Nevertheless, today the U.S. has adopted a “new strategy” for investigating its recruits.

Thus, according to Obama’s cabinet, the failed strategy of the past has not been enough to justify respect for the sovereignty of Syria, non-intervention and non-interference in the affairs of other countries. For the U.S., the fundamental principle of non-aggression by one state against another NEVER applies. This has been the declared policy of the Obama administration from day one.

The U.S. is fomenting tensions and intervening in Syria because U.S. imperialism wants to redraw the map of the world and grab new markets, new sources of raw materials and spheres of economic dominance.

In 2001, with the launch of the so-called “war against international terrorism,” U.S. imperialism declared that every government must “stand with” the U.S. or be “treated as terrorist.” The U.S. refused to call for Osama Bin Laden’s extradition and instead waged an aggressive war with the aim of “regime change” and “nation-building” in Afghanistan.

Syria was one of the other governments named as a target in U.S. imperialism’s so-called “war against international terrorism.”

Then, in a nearly unanimous vote in late 2004, The U.S. Congress passed the “Syrian Accountability Act” as a first step towards war against Syria. The law imposed economic and diplomatic sanctions against Syria with the aim of pressuring it to accept U.S. dictate.

Seven years later, by executive “prerogative,” Obama initiated a witch-hunt by starting a series of new trade-related sanctions, including sanctions blocking the personal property of senior officials of the government of Syria.

One year later in Istanbul, several allies calling themselves the “Friends of Syria” opened a series of conferences to supervise intervention against Syria. The “Friends of Syria” is currently an alliance among the UK, the U.S., France, Germany, Italy, Jordan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, and a “National Coalition of Syrian Revolution and Opposition Forces.”

State-organized intervention coordinated by the “Friends of Syria” was not only military but also included: calling for the establishment of a transitional governing body; demanding constitutional reforms; issuing statements condemning the outcome of Syria’s elections; issuing statements condemning Syrian officials for “interfering” with the agenda of the “Friends of Syria;” declaring Burhan Ghalioun (from France) and then Abdulbaset Sida (from Sweden) the “legitimate representative of the Syrian people” etc., etc.

From the start, this has been an imperialist war which aims at taking over Syria.

It is an aggressive war which tramples underfoot international law and the sovereignty of countries.

It is a war that is opposed by the masses of people everywhere.

To end the government’s aggressive foreign policy, to stop the capitalists from making war, the people must break their political power.

We must bring to power a new government – a people’s government.

This battle for power begins with organizing and strengthening our own independent political movement, in opposition to and struggle against the parties of war and imperialism.

Peace and friendship with all the nations and peoples of the world is the sacred aspiration of the people everywhere. But this aspiration can only be realized when the people themselves are in charge of political affairs and governmental power.