The People Will Win

November 2, 2015

On October 15, President Obama revealed the latest U.S. war plans in a statement released by the White House. According to Obama the U.S. military role in Afghanistan will be nowhere near ending by the end of 2016. Its tasks will continue to include attempts to maintain control over territory and launching operations to train more military forces for a long-term presence. Although troop levels are about 10,000 today, the number will continue to be adjusted periodically according to the judgment of U.S. military commanders. 

As in Iraq, Obama claims that the U.S. is bound to stay in order to “prevent attacks against our homeland.” This has been the doctrine of the U.S. government since the wars were launched in 2001 and 2003.  Afghanistan, the country with the weaker military defenses, was cynically chosen as the earliest target of the so-called “war against international terrorism” in order to set a precedent for a previously unheard of level of aggression by the U.S. government throughout the world. 

The war in Afghanistan is known as “Obama’s war” because of his infamous “anti-war” claim that the battle for control of Afghanistan, and not Iraq, is the genuine “war on terrorism.”  True to his party platform and campaign promises, Obama escalated the war immediately after taking office. To date, no more than a reported 100,000 U.S. troops have ever been stationed in Afghanistan at a time. Those peak levels were reached in 2009. Then, in 2014, after ceremonially raising the flag of Afghanistan over a former U.S. military base, Obama declared that the U.S. mission in Afghanistan would be accomplished by the end of 2016. 

In the October 15 White House press release, Obama also let it be known that as long as there is any active opposition in Afghanistan, the American people cannot expect to win their demand for the complete withdrawal of all U.S. troops from Afghanistan now.   

Over the last decade and a half, the many crossroads of the war have done nothing to bring the White House closer to accomplishing its morbid goal of subjugating the people of Afghanistan. The worst fears of the warmakers are coming true. They have always tried to hide their eternal fear of the people, but today they are losing the war as the Afghan people are stepping up their resistance and defeating U.S. imperialism.

Today Obama’s efforts to reinvent history by depicting the methods of the war as “peaceful,” “narrow,” and “non-combat” is nothing but an attempt at diverting public opinion from the ongoing crimes of the occupiers and from the permanent aims of U.S. and international imperialism. It is an attempt to put a more benign face over the brutal U.S. occupation.

No makeup or facelift can change the imperialist character of the U.S. wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Trying to lend “more credibility” to the wars is nothing but an attempt to legitimize colonialism.

The colonial domination of Iraq and Afghanistan will only be brought to an end when all the imperialist powers are forced out and the inalienable right of the two peoples to self-determination and sovereignty is recognized. It is nothing but chauvinism for an American to advocate anything less that the immediate, unconditional and complete withdrawal of U.S. and Western imperialism from Iraq and Afghanistan.

The agenda of the American people is anti-chauvinist, anti-colonial and anti-imperialist. It is the agenda of a genuinely democratic foreign policy which ends U.S. intervention in all its forms, withdraws all U.S. troops stationed abroad and recognizes the sovereignty of every country.