The People Are Excluded From the Political Process

March 31, 2016

The main pre-occupation of the candidates is money. Clinton, Cruz, Sanders, and Trump are “front-runners” because, in addition to being well-connected insiders, they have raised huge sums of money. Clinton has raised over $185 million, Cruz over $104 million, Sanders over $95 million, and Trump over $27 million. Of course, this “big money” comes mainly from the “big money men” – the monopoly corporations. By the time the election is held, it is estimated that more than $6 billion will have been spent.

One thing is for sure. The overwhelming majority of the American people are completely excluded from the process. The right of the people to participate in the selection and nomination of candidates has been taken away. This right has been turned into an exclusive privilege of the Democratic and Republican parties. And both these parties are financed and organized by the capitalists. But without the right to pick the candidates or run for office themselves, the people really are denied the right to vote. Today elections are nothing but a sham in which the only “choice” is between two candidates who come from a tiny stratum, brought-and-paid-for by the billionaires and big corporations.

Two hundred years ago, the American people organized a revolution against the feudal system in which the political power was an exclusive, hereditary privilege of the Kings and Lords. Today, the political power in our country has again become an exclusive privilege, a monopoly. This monopoly belongs to the capitalist class. Today, elections are nothing more than a means for claiming that people have given their “consent” to the arbitrary, absolute power of the capitalists.

We cannot afford to have any illusions in the current political process or political system which have been perfected by the big monopolies as a way of offering the “appearance” of democracy, while, in reality, completely excluding the people from power.

Rather than getting caught up in the capitalist election circus, the workers and people must assert their own political aims and agenda, must assert their role as decision-makers, by building up their own independent political movement, in opposition to and struggle against the political power of the capitalists.