The Necessity for Change

February 5, 2016

The Workers Party says that the social system in the U.S. must be changed.

We say that there really is only one political issue – one irresistible, relentless political task – facing the working class and people. That task is for the workers to develop their own consciousness, organization and political initiative in order to carry through the necessary social transformations.

We do not say these things because of our subjective desires.

The necessity for change arises from the very contradictions of present-day capitalism. What must we conclude about a social system, which boasts of the most productive economy in the world yet denies tens of millions of working people such elementary economic rights as the right to a livelihood, to health care, even to food and shelter? What must we conclude about a social system, which after 200 years and more of popular struggles demanding equal rights, still imposes a system of racial discrimination and national oppression on the minority peoples? What must we conclude about a political system, which advertises itself as the epitome of democracy but in which the vast majority of people are alienated from political life and excluded from power? What must we conclude about a government which, regardless of which party is in power, wages wars against other peoples, and under the doctrine of “Might Makes Right” extends the empire of U.S. capitalism to the four corners of the earth?

We conclude that the capitalist system is suppressing everything which makes us human.

The necessity for change does not arise only from the exploitation and oppression imposed on the people by the capitalist system. The necessity for change arises because, already, new human and social relations are arising, in embryo, in the very womb of society.

It is obvious to anyone that our country has at its disposal all the material conditions necessary to guarantee the economic rights and well-being of the people.

Moreover, for more than 200 years the workers and oppressed people of our country have been coming out in struggle after struggle to assert their rights and bring forward their program for society. From the very beginning, the American people have fought to create a society which guarantees equal rights for all and in which the political power arises from and is controlled by the people themselves. From the very beginning, the American people worked to create a land of refuge and peace and throughout our history we have always sympathized with and supported the liberation struggles of people everywhere.

Today, these profound egalitarian, democratic and internationalist traditions of our people are carried forward in the struggles and aspirations of the modern working class. The social existence of the workers – who stand at the center of economic life and are united as a class by their common role in social production and social life – give rise to the vision and struggle for a society which abolishes the exploitation and oppression of all human beings and which recognizes and nourishes the humanity of all.