The Elections Are a Real Attack on the Working People; Build the Independent Political Alternative to this Farce

November 4, 2018

In the opinion of the Workers Party, USA, whatever the outcome of the 2018 midterm elections, it will change nothing for the working class and anti-militarist masses.

What matters is that the future of our country depends on the workers and people asserting themselves and taking their rightful place as the active and leading force in our country. The starting point is to come into the political arena on the basis of our own independent aims and program.

On the other hand, the election process serves to lock out and exclude the people from the decision making process. The political “messages” and “programs” of the Democratic and Republican candidates show how decayed and rotten the system is. The elections are used to degrade the consciousness of the people. Continuous disinformation campaigns are promoted to hide the aims of the capitalists. A blockade of silence is maintained against the working class and popular struggles. Attempts are made to defame every section of the people – the youth as “drug dealers,” the oppressed minorities as “welfare bums,” the workers as “culturally backward,” etc., etc.

Tens of millions of dollars are spent on mud-slinging and sensationalism.

None of the concerns of the people are even taken up for discussion. The whole process shows that the rich are in the driver’s seat while the workers and people are disempowered and disenfranchised.

While the formal shell of universal franchise exists, the current system of representative democracy does not place sovereignty with the people themselves but rather with the government, which is free to carry out its policies without regard for the will of the people, and which has placed itself above society, unaccountable to the people.

The venal politics promoted during the elections finds its source in the fact that the capitalist system in the U.S. is in a profound crisis and the program of big business is to shift the entire burden of this crisis onto the backs of the people. This anti-social offensive is a bi-partisan program carried out by the Democrats as well as the Republicans.

The only conclusion that we can draw from what the politicians are saying and doing is that the offensive against the people is going to continue.

The need is for the people not only to resist this offensive but also to organize themselves and prepare the counter-offensive.

In order to carry out a thorough-going renewal of the political process and political system, the working people must completely break the stranglehold of special interests and big money over the political process. The people must create a fundamentally different political system which expresses their sovereignty and in which the entire political process is controlled by and accountable to the people themselves. The people themselves must be the sovereign power and, amongst other things, have the right and means to bring forward their own agenda and initiate political, economic and social changes.

The working class and its Party must take the lead in opposing the reactionary agenda of monopoly capital. Cooperative effort is required both to expose the origin of the reactionary anti-social offensive in the crisis of capitalism as well as to put forward real solutions to the problems facing our country. It is necessary to popularize and elaborate the positive program of economic rights, democratic renewal and a democratic foreign policy. Politicizing ourselves on this basis means mobilizing the broadest possible sections of people and bringing to the fore the experience and aspirations of the people themselves – both their criticism of the status quo as well as their vision and aim for society and life.

Popularizing and summing up the struggles of people, giving systematic and theoretical substantiation to the thinking and experience of people, brings these aspirations to the fore and creates a new atmosphere in which the workers and people are increasingly conscious of their own movement. This work of embedding our thought and action in the real-life struggle for emancipation includes popularizing and learning from the history of the working class and communist movements.

In order to defend our rights and put our country on the high road of progress and civilization, the class conscious workers and anti-militarist masses must create a new political culture and a new political unity amongst themselves. The marginalization and de-politicalization of the people must be overcome by giving expression to our own program of solutions.

The workers cannot allow the Republicans and Democrats to impose their political agenda. Nothing healthy will come about in our country until the tens and hundreds of millions of people currently excluded from politics come out on the basis of their own political aims and agenda by building up their own independent political movement in opposition to and struggle against the political power of the capitalists.