Taking Things Into Our Own Hands

July 22, 2010

As the crisis of capitalism deepens and the problems facing the people go from bad to worse, as the political process continues to block the participation of the people at every turn, excluding them from governance and entrenching the power of big business, the workers and people have no choice but to take the question of politics into their own hands. That is, the workers and people face the task of building up their own independent political movement in order to contend with the capitalists over the direction of the country, and with the aim of creating a new political system which empowers the people themselves as the decision-makers.

One of the key tasks in building up the independent political movement of the working class is creating new space in which workers and people can politicize themselves, space where people can discuss their own aims and agenda for society, analyze the problems confronting them and sort out the strategy and tactics of their movement. This work takes many forms – the discussion must be spread everywhere. Independent politics must be brought into the mass organizations of the workers and people; activists must consciously work to broaden the circles of people who take up and discuss this politics. A decisive part of this work is to build up regular discussion groups, organized by the people themselves.

The Workers Party has initiated a variety of such discussion groups – groups to discuss and distribute The Worker, study circles on the theory and tactics of contemporary socialism and communism, etc.

Several guidelines have emerged from the experience in building these discussion groups. The most important thing is building them in the midst of the people. This means, first and foremost, that discussions must focus on the burning problems facing society and secondly, that we must rely on the broadest sections of people, continually working to bring them into the discussion in one form or another. The discussion groups must both provide theoretical and political clarity as well as create an atmosphere in which people have the initiative and confidence to speak out.

Building up organized, regular discussion groups is a vital step in taking politics into our own hands. Such groups tremendously increase the initiative of people and can become, over time, powerful means for developing participation in on-going struggles as well as for initiating independent political action. Such discussion groups help build up the consciousness and organization of the people – the only reliable foundation on which to build up our independent political movement.