U.S. Imperialism, Hands Off Syria!

February 10, 2012

The Obama administration is continuing to "decree" that the government of Syria step down from political power and to call on the Syrian people and government to remember that the U.S. keeps "all options on the table" to achieve its aims there.

At the same time, "dissident organizations" receiving U.S. and Western financing and branded by the U.S. as "revolutionary" continue to carry out a systematic campaign of armed attacks on civilians, law enforcement personnel and vital infrastructure with the avowed aim of carrying out "regime change." These attacks are completely in line with U.S. imperialism's efforts to strangle the Syrian economy and to "regime change" the Syrian government.

The Syrian people and government are defending the country's legitimate peace and security in the face of U.S.-backed sabotage and aggression. The people are coming out in protests and other mass actions in defense of the country’s sovereignty and demanding an end to all foreign subversion and aggression against the government.

The Workers Party calls on democratic-minded people everywhere to remain vigilant and active against U.S. imperialism's interference and aggression against Syria.