The Struggle Over Health Care

May 30, 2014

In the U.S., monopoly capital is imposing a thoroughly reactionary, anti-social agenda on the country as a whole – imposing new and more intense forms of exploitation on the workers, slashing social investments in education, in health care, in income-support programs, in Social Security, etc., etc., privatizing the public infrastructure and stripping away any guarantees for the economic and human rights of the people. This anti-social agenda offers no other project or future except putting our entire country at the disposal of the capitalist monopolies.

To impose this agenda on the people, the government rules by the most arbitrary methods and the people are completely excluded from the political power.

The new health care law is an excellent case in point. The so-called "Affordable Health Care Act" keeps the profit motive in health care intact even while putting billions of dollars in taxpayer's monies at the disposal of the insurance companies.

The Democratic and Republican parties imposed this pre-set "solution" on the people. While the Democrats and Republicans put on a show and played a real con game on the public by pretending to "argue" over the agenda, both "sides" of the "debate" remained within the limits set by the needs of monopoly capital.

Thus, the Republicans demanded the all-around privatization of the health care safety net while the Democrats advertised their program of partial privatization not merely as a "lesser evil" but as a real victory for the people. In other words, the Democratic and Republican politicians refused to even discuss the need for fundamental change. Rather the capitalist politicians were determined to protect the for-profit system and to continue to slash social investments in health care.

This pre-set agenda completely excluded the overwhelming majority of the people who remain more concerned than ever about the failure of our country to guarantee comprehensive health care for everyone or to solve the other pressing economic, social and political problems facing the people.

* * * * *

Fundamental reform of our country's health care system is a problem which must be solved. The battle lines are clearly drawn. On one side stand the overwhelming majority of the people demanding their right to health care while, on the other side, the capitalist class and its politicians are blocking the necessary changes and denying the rights of the people.

The people can only claim their right to health care by coming into the political arena on an independent basis and organizing a political struggle which aims at creating a universal, comprehensive and free health care system.

The immediate steps to push forward this struggle include: 1) organizing a big campaign to popularize the right to health care; 2) joining in the many on-going struggles – the contract battles of the workers, the movement of senior citizens and others – which fight to extend health care coverage; and 3) demanding that the government STOP PAYING THE RICH and make all the investments needed to guarantee everyone's right to health care.