The Struggle of the American Working Class and Broad Masses of People Against Fascism

August 19, 2016

As the capitalist state first turned more and more to violence, the workers then, as today, were always in the forefront as the resolute defender of democracy, waging countless struggles to defend their picket lines and their right to strike. Later, the workers and people began to step up resistance to the capitalist program of attacking political demonstrations and restricting democratic rights and liberties. 

Yet today, the women as well as the oppressed nationalities, are being forced to come into the streets in even large numbers, again and again, in order to defend the few gains made over decades of struggle. Today, under the signboard of the “war on terrorism” the capitalist state is marching down the road of fascism, taking aim at all the elementary rights of the masses. 

A vital front of the struggle for democracy is the struggle against the system of national oppression imposed on the black people, the Puerto Rican people, the Mexican people, Native Americans and other oppressed nationalities and immigrants. These struggles are a clarion call for the working class to again come out as a class-for-itself, organized in its own political party and independent political movement, with the aim of winning the battle for democracy by gaining the political power.

In addition to the struggle against police violence and against the reign of state terror imposed on the oppressed nationalities, a sharp focus of the struggle against national oppression includes the struggle against super-exploitation and discrimination in hiring and firing, as well as the struggle against segregation in housing, education and elsewhere. 

When the real face of the super-exploitation of the women and oppressed nationalities is dragged into the light of day, a whole army of swindlers, cultural nationalists and opportunists are set in motion. These forces do everything they can to hide the class character of modern America. They preach that the capitalist government as a whole is the epitome of modern civilization but that it is threatened by an “ultra-right fringe.” Next, the people are told that the very State which spawns racism, fascism and war will protect the rights of the masses – that one section of the state (for example the courts) will punish another section (for example the police.) 

The goal of these tactics is to suppress the mass struggles which break out against the capitalist politics of racism and fascism. 

The cultural nationalists and opportunists invariably curse the working people and blame the masses as the source of racism and fascism. This politics aims at inciting national and racial antagonisms amongst the masses, at splitting the anti-racist and anti-fascist struggles. Even today, the cultural nationalists try to console the oppressed peoples by claiming that their political oppression and exploitation will be abolished when the state incorporates more capitalist politicians from amongst the oppressed nationalities or when the capitalists finance more “black” and “brown” cultural institutions. 

This is part of the pluralist ideology of the capitalists which seeks to mystify the real class character of the state power by covering over the fundamental relationship between the economic base of society and its political superstructure. 

But the truth is that ever since the division of society into social classes, the ruling class has created and fortified the state as an instrument for maintaining its power – for keeping the laboring classes oppressed and exploited and for suppressing their struggles. In class society, the political system and the state enforce existing property relations. In capitalist society in particular, “democracy” and “equality” are only empty phrases because at its very economic foundation, society is divided into rich and poor, into exploiters and exploited. 

The Workers Party holds that the struggle for modern democracy, in all its permutations, requires the mobilization and leadership of the working class. We fight against the capitalist line of splitting the masses on the basis of race, national origin, sex, etc. We strive to bring the whole working class out in defense of the rights of all sectors. The Workers Party recognizes that the rights of one are inseparable from the rights of all and that the capitalist state can never be an instrument for the liberation of the workers and oppressed peoples.