Stand Up and Denounce the U.S. War on Afghanistan!

June 12, 2019

The U.S.-NATO war on Afghanistan is hardly a mere ornament of U.S. imperialism’s self-appointed role as judge, jury and executioner of the world. The military and economic superpower today obtains an essential amount of its decisive supporting structure by remaining skillfully seated in Afghanistan.

When Trump and Congress rant and rave about how the Afghan people should count their blessings in being under the occupation of such a great power, they are really highlighting the chauvinism of the U.S. capitalist class. According to this chauvinism, the class in America which enjoys cultural, political and economic ascendancy is morally superior and therefore entitled to force its style of government and way of life onto the peoples of other countries. Behind this chauvinism lies the original aim of gaining unbridled sway over Afghanistan as the decisive overland route which joins up southern and eastern Asia with Europe and the Middle East. Afghanistan extends across an area which Trump and Congress do not want to be forced to surrender.

The U.S. invasion of Afghanistan for control over this strategic crossroads is one of the main sources of tension in the world today. It has already allowed the U.S. to tip the balance of forces in the region in favor of a U.S. invasion of Iraq.

Today, the U.S. occupiers are barely able to hang onto their rule; and they are hanging on only through the use of unrestrained military force.

The simple truth is that both tiers of Trump’s policy, demanding a ceasefire and making the law at the point of a gun, are two parts of one whole. Both tiers are aimed at crushing the national liberation struggle and desperately trying to prevent the Afghan masses from dissolving the units of government created to help administer the occupation.

Unfortunately for Donald Trump and U.S. imperialism, the national liberation war in Afghanistan is neither submitting to these demands nor dying away.

U.S. troops are coming under attack on a daily basis. The resistance forces are expanding their ranks and include a broad front of Afghan political and religious groups opposed to U.S. occupation.

Whether the U.S. is forced to surrender this week, or some time further down the road depends on a number of factors. However the more conscious and organized are the combined anti-imperialist political struggles of the Afghan, American, and world’s peoples, the more difficult it will be for the U.S. and NATO to carry on the war. The important thing is to keep the edge of the consciousness and militancy of the people sharp by organizing on a protracted and persistent, yet urgent, basis.