Role of the Party

July 8, 2011

In order to bring the politics of economic rights, democratic renewal, a democratic foreign policy and socialism to center-stage, in order to assist the initiative of the workers to come out under their own banners and take a leading role in the political affairs of our country, the decisive thing is to build and strengthen the Party itself.

The everyday experience of our Party confirms the fact that there is a profound polarization taking place – that people are looking for the way to turn things around and have their say in the affairs of the country. But the people face tremendous problems in organizing themselves. In the condition in which the workers and people remain largely unorganized, not a few people feel overwhelmed by the enormity of the tasks facing us. And the monopoly capitalist class is always at work trying to marginalize, split up and liquidate the opposition to their anti-social agenda. The capitalists employ a huge army of propagandists, paid to organize political diversions and to carry on their disinformation campaigns. They have rigged the political system so as to completely exclude the participation of the masses of people.

The political initiatives of the Party are essential in order to open the way for the workers to come out as a class-for-themselves.

This situation confronts the Party with grave responsibilities as well as offers tremendous possibilities. The members and friends of the Party must be active amongst the broadest sections of the people and work to create that new political unity which is necessary to defeat the anti-social agenda and open the path for the progress of our country. Especially in this period when the anti-social offensive is in high gear, when the capitalists are working to obscure and mystify every question, the theoretical work of the Party is essential to illuminate the real causes of the problems facing the people and to show that the people themselves are the decisive motive force for solving the problems. Especially in this period, when the capitalists are organizing one political diversion after another, the ideological struggle of the Party is vital in order to prevent the forces of spontaneity from sapping the energies of the people and in order to concentrate the attention of the working class. Especially in this period, when the popular movements are at a relatively low level, the political initiatives of the Party are essential in order to open the way for the workers to come out as a class-for-themselves.

Those who aspire to work for progressive social change need to really deal with the questions: what is needed to assist the people in getting organized and participating in political life? How do we help give real political and organizational expression to the independent aspirations and program of the working class? In a community or workplace or any place else, if the Party is not present and organizing, where is the force speaking out and organizing against the privatization of Social Security, against the war danger, against the political monopoly of the Democrats and Republicans? And if such a force isn't present, how difficult is it for people to activate and organize themselves?

The point is that the theoretical, ideological, political and organizational work of the Party is needed to help open the way.

It is not a secret that our Party is still small. But what the comrades and friends must remember is the enormous strength of the Party. This small force is not only resisting the anti-social offensive but, with boundless energy and initiative, laying the foundations for the rise of the proletarian movement. As the politics of our Party is more and more translated into the real lives and activity of the people, it will become an unstoppable force which will not only defeat the anti-social offensive but open the path for the renewed progress of our country. And as long as we build the collective life of the Party we can continue to step-by-step pose and resolve the problems which arise in the course of organizing this independent politics.

All these reasons are why we say that it is the elementary duty of everyone who genuinely opposes the status quo of capitalist exploitation and envisions a society without the oppression and exploitation of human beings to take part in building the organized, collective life of the working class – to take part in building the political party of the working class.