Road of the Party:

Unity of the Party

July 29, 2009

One of the great strengths of the Workers Party is its unity.

The unity of the Party is not based on transient or partial things. It is a conscious and voluntary political unity, based on the commitment of all the Party members to work together and struggle together for the emancipation of the working class.

This unity of the Party reflects, in turn, the drive of the working people themselves. The workers not only share the daily experience of exploitation and oppression, they comprise the most socialized class in history. The workers cannot eliminate their exploitation and oppression except by coming out collectively – in common struggles against the common enemy and for the common goals of emancipation and empowerment. Thus, in our view, it is the elementary responsibility of everyone who claims to be politically progressive to sit together and find the ways and means to work and struggle together.

The unity of the Party – its collective strength – empowers it to accomplish the great tasks of social change. Nothing of importance can really be accomplished by an individual working alone. All of human history is the history of the collective efforts of the people.

The organization of the Party enables the experience of thousands and millions of people to be brought to bear in solving problems. Collective decision-making enables the Party to take more all-sided, scientific and mature decisions.

Collective implementation of decisions enables the Party to multiply its efforts a thousand-fold and carry out far-ranging tasks.

Perhaps, most importantly, the collective life of the Party enables it to turn individual experience and consciousness into class consciousness – into milestones and lessons for all.

Isn't the very crux of social change creating the capacity of the people to deliberate together and work together to build an ever-more humane society?

The Workers Party is still small. But it has worked out a principled political program in line with the fundamental aims of the working people and the concrete conditions of today. We have experience in defending and implementing this program and solving problems along the way. As long as the Party comrades stick together, as long as we learn from our own experience and sort things out collectively, there is no reason why we can't get stronger and stronger and win victory.

In our opinion, the responsibility of supporting and building such a collective – a collective which takes up the independent political program of the working class – is the responsibility of all who uphold the interests of the people. We invite everyone to join in this great work.