Racism and Chauvinism Are the Only Arguments Left

November 18, 2016

by Bill Foster

As part of the ongoing war against Iraq, the U.S. government keeps spewing out the most vile racism.

In the lexicon of the politicians and the monopoly-controlled media, such words as “terrorist,” “murderer,” “Al Qada,” “fundamentalism,” “extremism,” “Arab,” and “Islam” have all become synonymous. The struggle in Iraq is portrayed as one between the forces of “barbarism” and “civilization,” which is, of course, equated with “Western values” and the “American way of life.” Overwhelming military force is called for as the only way to stamp out the “terrorists,” the “evil-ones.” In his September 7 speech, George Bush declared that the U.S. occupation and war “must be the cause of the civilized world” because “The Middle East will either become a place of progress and peace, or it will be an exporter of violence and terror....”

For those who find such open racism and fascism hard to swallow, the liberal politicians spread a slightly different strain, insisting that if the U.S. pulls its troops out of Iraq, “there will be chaos” and “age-old rivalries will lead to civil war,” because the Iraqi people lack “democratic traditions” and need a period (of indefinite length) of U.S. and U.N. “trusteeship and mentoring.”

This strain of racism is, in fact, no less virulent. It too decrees the superiority of “American values” and “way of life” and dehumanizes the Arab people.

Part of this racist propaganda is the portrayal of the Iraqi people’s resistance to U.S. occupation as the work of a small group of “murderers,” “foreign infiltrators,” “extremists,” etc. At all costs, the U.S. government wants to hide the fact that the whole Iraqi nation is rising to its feet in struggle against U.S. occupation and U.S. colonialism.

Thus one of the touchstones of the struggle against racism and chauvinism is to defend the Iraqi people’s right to self-determination and sovereignty. Recognition of this right includes support for the Iraqi resistance to U.S. occupation.

Of course behind the racism and chauvinism of the government and the monopoly-controlled media are the real economic and strategic interests of the U.S. capitalist class. Bush, Rumsfeld, Powell, Bremer, etc. have repeatedly admitted that their vision of “liberated Iraq,” is a “free market” Iraq which serves as a base for a U.S.-dominated “free trade zone throughout the Middle East.” Already the U.S. corporations are falling over themselves to grab Iraqi oil and the other spoils of war.

The U.S. capitalist class advertises the superiority of the “American way of life” to justify its domination and enslavement of other countries. The capitalists incite racism and are literally calling for the blood of the Iraqi and Arab peoples because the capitalists want and need to expand their empire. Thus any government or people who resist U.S. domination are “terrorists,” “evil,” etc.

This racism and chauvinism must not and will not be allowed to pass.