Problems Are Meant to Be Solved

June 11, 2010

The attitude which an individual or a collective takes towards solving the problems of building the independent working class movement is one of the decisive issues in the ideological struggle between the workers and the capitalists.

It is not very hard to see that the working class and people of our country are facing serious problems. While the capitalist class is on the offensive, the workers' movement still remains largely unorganized and split up, the independent political movement of the workers remains at a relatively low level and the people's resistance to the anti-social agenda of the capitalists faces many obstacles. Of course, the capitalist class – which is doing everything in its power to prevent the rise of the workers' movement – never stops insisting that it is impossible for the workers to solve their problems and organize themselves as an independent and revolutionary class force. The goal of the capitalists is to get the workers to throw up their hands in despair and resign themselves to "their fate."

Fortunately, for the working class as a whole, throwing up their hands in despair is not an option. The very ferocity of the capitalist offensive and, even more fundamentally, the irrepressible drive of the workers for emancipation, impels the workers to confront their problems and to take an active attitude towards solving them.

The Workers Party says straightforwardly that the working class must face up to the extremely complex problems which arise in the course of organizing itself. At the same time, we say that the workers must 1) never lose sight of the main thing and 2) that we must get to the root of problems in order to solve them. The main thing is the necessity for the workers to lead the way in opposing the anti-social agenda of the capitalists and the aspirations and drive of the workers to create a new and better society. The root problem in terms of the disorganization and division which exists in the workers' ranks boils down to the influence of capitalist ideology and politics. Keeping these two things in mind – the drive of the workers to build the new and the necessity to oppose the influence of bourgeois ideology and politics –we say that the decisive problem to be solved is to build the alternative – to give life to the independent class program and politics of the workers themselves.

Take for example the problem of people's participation in political life. No one who aspires for progress can be satisfied with the low level of organized, conscious opposition to the capitalist offensive. But what is the root problem? Isn't it the fact that people rightly feel alienated and excluded by the present two-party monopoly? Aren't the government and the mass media continually trying to de-politicize people and tell them that there really is nothing they can do to change the situation? And isn't the main thing that every day more and more people are expressing their opposition to the current political set-up and speaking out against it? Isn't the solution to develop the genuine alternative through which the workers and people can come out and fight for their own aims and agenda?

Developing the alternative means helping create space in which the people can politicize themselves – can sort out their aims as well as the strategy and tactics of their movement. It means helping develop the conscious and organized expression of the spontaneously developing class struggle of the people. Today, as the working class movement faces great difficulties, it also faces great possibilities for advance. Everywhere people are thinking over the situation and looking for the way out. Fundamental change is needed and the very conditions facing the people can only lead them to come out in struggle. By developing the alternative today – by opening the way for people to participate in independent political life – we are laying the foundations for the rise of a truly mass, independent and revolutionary working class movement.

The Workers Party is a collective – the organized political party of the working class – which is devoted to solving the problems of advancing the working class movement for emancipation. In working out our program and tactics, we start from the drive of the working class to emancipate itself and all humankind from capitalist exploitation and oppression. We aim at nothing less than creating a new socialist society in which the working class itself is the leading and decisive force. At the same time, on the basis of this revolutionary outlook and agenda, we go about solving problems in a stepwise manner, based on our own strength and the concrete conditions facing the working class.

We call upon all the workers and people to take an active attitude and join with us in this collective work to solve the problems of building the independent working class movement.