Police Target Black Youth

August 22, 2014

The Ferguson, MO police – like police all across the country – have long had a license to harass, beat, arrest and even murder the black people. 

Large numbers of black people are murdered in cold blood by police every year across the United States. Even FBI statistics reflect this well known fact.  According to data compiled by the FBI for 2012, nearly 20% of the approximately 100 black people killed by police were under the age of 21. The death of approximately 100 black people every year at the hands of police is TYPICAL. 

The fact that across the country, thousands of people immediately went into the streets to denounce the police and to demand justice in the case of Michael Brown in Missouri shows the growing determination of the people to put a stop to police terror and racist murders. 

In Ferguson, the police are trying to justify the brutal murder of 18-year old Michael Brown as part of their "fight" against local crime. By trying to pin the crime of robbery on Michael Brown after his murder, they are revealing the openly racist and fascist character of the program of preemptively targeting "Black juveniles" regardless of whether they are suspected of any crime. 

Ferguson police have even gone so far as to claim that Michael Brown brutally beat the police officer who stopped him before being shot six times.