The People Must Decide on the Government's Budget

January 1, 2011

The Workers Party has a very simple proposal for putting an end to the political posturing and wrangling of the Democrats and Republicans over the federal budget. Our proposal also shows the way to immediately balance the budget even while increasing investments in vital social programs, such as Medicare and Medicaid, income-support programs, education and so forth.

We propose that the American people be allowed to decide. We say let the issue be put squarely and straightforwardly in a national referendum: Should the government be obligated to make the social investments needed to guarantee the rights of the people to health care, to secure retirements, to income-support for the poverty-stricken, to education or should the government continue to tax the people in order to underwrite the profits of the Wall Street bankers, the Pentagon arms merchants and other big business interests? We think it is obvious what the results of such a referendum would be. We also realize that neither the Democratic nor the Republican party are going to call for such a referendum. And this is precisely why it is up to the working class and people themselves to bring this question into the center of the political debate.

The one thing that both the Republicans and Democrats have made crystal clear is that they are going to continue to slash social programs, year after year. The only "debate" between these 2 parties is over exactly how much and how fast to cut. At the same time, both parties have made it clear that, every year, they will continue to spend hundreds of billions in tax dollars to guarantee interest payments for the Wall Street money-lenders and for the continued militarization of the economy. Under the banner of so-called "free market" economics, these 2 parties are determined to put everything in our country at the disposal of big business, while insisting that the people have no rights which the government or society are bound to recognize.

Facing this situation, the working class and people can no longer allow the capitalists and their political parties to monopolize political affairs. Our proposals for a national referendum on the direction of the economy, for a moratorium on the debt and an end to the militarization of society show the way to reverse the present course. These proposals provide an excellent starting point for the workers to mobilize themselves, to openly contend with the capitalists over the fate of our country and to rally the whole people around a program which will open the path for the progress of our country.

Don't Let the Capitalist Politicians Monopolize the Agenda!

For a National Referendum on the Direction of the Economy!

For a Moratorium on the Debt and an End to the Militarization of the Economy!

Government Must Make the Needed Investments to Guarantee the Rights of the People!