Palestinian Landscape Rapidly Changing – Two Structures Demolished Every Twenty Four Hours

August 15, 2013

These days it is the official state policy of Israel to demand remuneration from Palestinians after demolishing their homes. In recent months Israel has dramatically stepped up the number of demolitions undertaken by its forces. According to the "United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs," from January to June, 630 people were ejected from their homes as a result of Israel's destruction of 344 structures in Arab east Jerusalem and the West Bank.

Such moves by the Israeli government are a blatant violation of the Palestinian people's rights, and a clear indication that the state of Israel is determined to keep escalating its war against the Palestinian people and annexation of Palestinian territory. In occupied Palestine and throughout the world, people are denouncing these latest crimes.

The extent and ferocity of Israel's demolition program also show clearly the real significance of the U.S.-sponsored Middle-East "peace" process. Today, Obama and U.S. imperialism are again talking about "negotiations" and trying to present themselves as "neutral peacemakers." But these are only empty words designed to divert the attention of the peoples from the fact that Israeli zionism is nothing but the creature of U.S. imperialism and that it is U.S. imperialism which is waging war against Palestine.

After declaring Palestine the "second front in the war on terrorism," U.S. imperialism has advertised the "peace" process far and wide, even while it has worked feverishly to 1) expand its direct military presence in the region; 2) strengthen its alliances with various reactionary Arab regimes; and 3) further consolidate the positions of its "strategic ally," the expansionist state of Israel. Over the last few years, U.S. imperialism has pre-positioned numerous tactical units equipped with heavy armor and supported by advanced fighter aircraft in the region, while permanently maintaining an armada of warships in the Gulf. The U.S. has signed new military pacts and alliances with several Arab regimes and repeatedly staged joint war games and "training exercises" with these regimes. The U.S. has continued to provide Israel with billions in military assistance, including advanced aircraft and missile systems, and to support its occupation of Palestinian and Arab land.

At the same time, U.S. imperialism has labelled anyone and everyone who opposes its "peace" initiatives – that is, who opposes U.S. domination of the region – as "rogues" and "terrorists." For the Palestinian people, the widely advertised "autonomy" amounts to nothing more than apartheid-like Bantustan conditions. The Palestinians remain under the political domination and military rule of Israeli zionism, denied their inalienable national right to their own sovereign state.

The Middle East, with its vast oil reserves and strategic location, remains one of the most prized parts of U.S. imperialism's world empire. By continuing to support the expansionist state of Israel, U.S. imperialism is creating new tragedies and great dangers for the people.

The American people must not be disarmed by imperialist pacifism and empty promises. Rather, we must work to support the just demands and struggles of the Arab peoples. A genuine and lasting peace can only come to the region when U.S. imperialism, as well as all the imperialist powers, are forced out of the region, when Israel ends its aggression against the peoples and its occupation of southern Lebanon and Syria's Golan Heights, and when the Palestinian people win their sovereignty and national independence.