U.S.-Israeli Aggression Continues in the Name of "Peace"

March 15, 2009

In the name of so-called “peace” in the Middle East, U.S. Secretary of State Clinton openly declares that the U.S. and Israel will impose conditions on Palestinian participation in a Palestinian unity government. According to Clinton during her early March visit to the Middle East, neither Hamas—the democratically elected Palestinian leadership—nor any Palestinian organization can take part without first renouncing armed struggle and signing a formal agreement recognizing the state of Israel in perpetuity.

According to the Obama administration, the expansionist state of Israel does not even have to end its annexation of the Palestinian territories, much less recognize the right of the Palestinians to a truly sovereign state in their national homeland. Further, Israel will not be held accountable for the brutal invasion of the Gaza Strip earlier in the year in which Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) demolished the area—destroying hospitals and schools, destroying or damaging at least 4,700 homes, killing over 1,400 people and wounding thousands more. Nor will the U.S. government be held accountable—the government which armed and continues to arm Israel, provides decisive political support and today imposes the blackmail that the blockade of the Gaza Strip will continue until Hamas gives up its authority there and Palestinians give up their right to resist.

By condemning Hamas and Palestinian resistance while openly endorsing Israeli occupation and genocide, the Obama administration is trying to turn truth on its head. It is trying to portray the very victims of aggression, colonialism and terrorism as the “terrorists.” And by dictating that Palestinians must unconditionally recognize the state of Israel in perpetuity—a state which openly declares its intent to annex all of Palestine and beyond—it is attempting to liquidate the very existence of the Palestinian nation.

But the Palestinian nation will continue to survive and advance in its struggle for peace and national liberation. After Israel launched its brutal air, sea, and ground assault of the Gaza Strip in late December, the Palestinian people reminded Israel once again that it could not cripple their resistance. The people of Gaza—under seige and without even a standing army of their own—heroically stood up in the face of Israeli tanks, helicopter gunships, phosphorous gas, etc, etc, and forced a full retreat of IOF from the Palestinian territory in just 22 days.

By portraying itself as an “honest broker of peace,” U.S. imperialism is trying to achieve at the negotiating table what its surrogate Israel could not win on the battlefield. Already the Obama administration, in one international meeting after another, is buying time with meaningless phrases about “Palestinian statehood” while Israel continues the savage blockade of Gaza, carries out raids and assassinations in the West Bank, expands settlements, etc. And uses the time to prepare new attacks.

This must not be allowed to pass! It will not pass!

As U.S. imperialism is occupying Iraq and stepping up its war in Afghanistan as part of recolonizing the entire region, it is simultaneously seeking to crush the Palestinians so as to stabilize its base of operations in Israel and extinguish any resistance to its domination.

At this crucial time, the Workers Party calls on all democratic-minded people to rally in defense of the Palestinian people whose very survival as a nation is at stake.

For the American people it is vital that we rise in struggle to end all forms of U.S. imperialism’s support for Israeli occupation and aggression and support the Palestinian people’s inalienable right to a sovereign state in their historic homeland.