On the Theoretical and Ideological Work of the Party

October 22 , 2009

The political party of the working class is the key tool built by the workers in the struggle for political power. Today, the Workers Party is developing the independent program of economic rights, democratic renewal, a democratic foreign policy and socialism. This work is assisting the workers to organize themselves, come to the forefront in the struggle against the anti-social agenda, contend with the capitalists over the direction of the country and accumulate forces for winning the political power.

In the struggle for political power, the workers can rely on nothing but their own consciousness and organization. To emancipate themselves the workers must not only be conscious of the general aims of their movement and how to change society, they must also take all the questions of strategy, tactics and organization into their own hands. Thus the theoretical and ideological work of the Party plays a vital role in uniting and mobilizing the workers in the fight for their independent program.

The Party's theoretical and ideological work begins with its continuous study and investigation of the features and contradictions of contemporary society. The Party makes a concrete analysis of the concrete conditions by applying the general laws of social development– the science of Marxism-Leninism–to the problems of today's world. In its study, the Party zeroes in on the interests and movements of the various classes, always bringing to the fore the role of the working class as the decisive social force fighting to open the path for progress and socialism.

By developing and popularizing contemporary Marxist-Leninist theory, the Party broadens and deepens the mobilization of the working class and people on the basis of their independent politics. The entire experience of the Workers Party is that as the workers and people become more and more conscious of the causes of various social problems, as they see, in real life, the role of various political forces in either assisting or retarding the movement for emancipation, their initiative is released and their efforts are multiplied a thousand-fold. Theoretical and ideological work–that is, the concrete analysis of the concrete problems, the summing up of the experience of the people - is decisive in empowering people to take the direction and organization of their movement into their own hands and to organize various struggles as part of a conscious and systematic movement aimed at the emancipation of the working class and people.

For example, in the course of rallying people to come forward to claim their inalienable economic rights, the Party works to expose all the features of the profoundly anti-social agenda of the capitalist class, to show how it is the system of private property in the means of production which is blocking the realization of the rights of the people, to assist people in drawing the conclusion that the workers and people must organize themselves independent of and in opposition to the capitalist political parties and to see how the very level of social and economic development achieved by our country demands the transition from capitalism to socialism. Similarly, in the struggle for democratic renewal, our Party works to give content and direction to the people's profound political disillusionment, to show how the current system entrenches political privilege and excludes the people, to show the irreconcilable antagonism between the people's demand for democracy and inclusion and the existing state power of the monopoly capitalist class. So too, in the movement for a democratic foreign policy, the Party shows the absolute need for the people to target the imperialist system which is the cause of militarism, war and colonialism in the modern world.

Only the program of socialism and communism shows the way out of the crisis of capitalism, shows the workers how to end their exploitation and oppression and how they must re-organize and lead society in order to create conditions for their emancipation. The program of socialism and communism also teaches the workers how to formulate the correct strategy and tactics for their movement and always keep the initiative in their own hands.

The consciousness of the workers and people can only develop in the course of a sharp and irreconcilable struggle against the ideology and politics of the capitalist class. Through its monopoly over the political process, mass media, educational institutions, etc., the capitalists do everything in their power to depoliticize people and suppress the independent thought and actions of the workers.

To begin with, the capitalists carry on a non-stop propaganda about the "failure" and "impossibility" of socialism. This propaganda is designed not only to prevent people from even investigating and learning from the history of the working class movement but especially to suppress the people's most profound aspirations to create and live in a truly human society–a society without the exploitation and oppression of human beings, a society which creates conditions for the emancipation and development of all human beings. The necessity for socialism arises from the very conditions of contemporary America and the world. To avoid the inevitable conclusions, the capitalists try to create an atmosphere which stifles and suppresses any discussion over social, economic and political problems. In place of facts and analysis, the dominant ideology can only repeat 2 basic refrains: 1) that things simply have to get worse and 2) that the people themselves are to blame. By obscuring every problem and stifling any discussion, the capitalists want to present their anti-social agenda as an inevitability.

Despite the tremendous propaganda apparatus at the disposal of the capitalists, the advantage in the ideological and theoretical struggle belongs to the people. Truth as well as the irrepressible drive for emancipation breaks through the wall of lies and obscurantism. The key thing is to create an atmosphere, a space, in which the workers and people can, starting from their own needs and aims, discuss the problems and equip themselves with facts and analysis. In the course of this discussion, the Party works to arm the people with a basic analysis of contemporary society, with the objective laws of social development, and emphasizes the key practical tasks facing the workers at each stage of their movement. As long as we persist in such a discussion, people will irresistably reach the conclusion of the irreconcilability of their interests with those of monopoly capital and the need to reorganize themselves on an independent basis.

In carrying out its theoretical and ideological work, the Party always starts from the need for the unity of the workers and people in the struggle for their independent politics. In other words, politics is decisive and the theoretical and ideological work always serves the political independence and unity of the class and masses.

The Party thoroughly rejects the views of social democracy and opportunism which try to suppress discussion and analysis under the hoax that such discussion undermines unity. The fact is that social-democracy and opportunism want to de-politicize the workers in order to keep them under the ideological domination and political thumb of liberalism and the Democratic Party. To break this stranglehold the workers must take all the matters of political orientation and tactics into their own hands and this can only be done by organizing continuous discussions on the aims, agenda and tactics of the movement. Such political discussion and clarity is the key to releasing the initiative of people and mobilizing them.

In carrying out its theoretical and ideological work, the Party must never fall into the trap of the sectarians and dogmatists, who put their lifeless doctrinairism above the vital interests of the working class movement. By substituting dogma and so-called "ideological unity" for the real political unity of the working class, the various sects aim at marginalizing the working class and poisoning the atmosphere with unprincipled bickering. Just like the social-democrats and liberals, the dogmatists refuse to work out an independent political program which addresses the problems confronting the working class and people.

The theoretical and ideological struggle of the workers is a continuous part of their class struggle against the capitalists. In this work, the Party's aim is to build the independent workers' movement on the granite foundation of contemporary Marxist-Leninist theory and to turn this theory into a material force by translating it into the conscious activity of the working class. The Party judges the extent to which its ideological and theoretical work is advancing by the extent to which it gains the ear of the people and the extent to which its program and views are in the center of the discussion and movement. Through protracted and tenacious work, the Party helps revolutionize the thinking and activity of the class and the masses and helps prepare conditions for the whole class to rise in ever-more thorough-going struggles.