More Money for War

November 27 , 2009

At the end of October, Obama signed a $690 billion defense bill, the largest of its kind since WWII.

The defense authorization bill includes $130 billion for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. In addition, the bill includes billions of dollars for new military research and modernized weapon systems. It includes $9.3 billion for "missile defense" technologies. The bill also authorizes an increase in the size of the military in 2010 by 8,100 marines, 14,650 Air Force personnel, 2,477 Navy sailors, and an increase of 90,000 army troops over the next 3 years, in order to "restore the readiness" of U.S. troops deployed throughout the globe.

Not included in the new authorization bill are the tens and tens of billions more in military spending that are routinely hidden in the government's energy budget, in the NASA budget, in the Department of Homeland Security budget, in government funds budgeted under research and technology grants and so forth. Over the last 10 years, military spending has eaten up more than $6 trillion. This cancer of militarism is bankrupting the public treasury and devouring our country's economy.

Although the U.S. already spends far more on the military than any other country in the world, the generals and politicians are demanding yet more monies precisely because U.S. imperialism relies on its military strength to impose its political and economic dictate all over the world on the basis of "Might Makes Right."

The Pentagon war machine is used by the monopoly capitalist class to police its economic investments and spheres of influence all over the world. U.S. military bases, following in the wake of corporate investments, have been established on every continent and 130 other countries in order to make these areas "safe" for U.S. monopoly capitalist plunder and exploitation. U.S. imperialism exports its arms to the four corners of the globe and builds up aggressive military alliances with the aim of protecting and extending the empire of the monopoly capitalist class which not only exploits the American working class and people but also engages in the super-exploitation and plunder of peoples and countries throughout the world.

These days, amongst other things, the U.S. military is actively engaged in the Middle East – in the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan – while the U.S. is establishing bases in the region. Throughout Latin America, the Pentagon is integrating the armies of many countries into its command structure and using the cover of "counter-narcotics" as a means to establish new bases and carry on counter-insurgency warfare. In Asia, 100,000 troops are "forward deployed" in Japan, the Philippines, South Korea and elsewhere, while the U.S. continues its occupation of South Korea and its threats against North Korea.

Putting an end to the militarization of the economy and the aggressive foreign policy of the U.S. monopoly capitalist class is one of the important, immediate tasks facing the U.S. working class and people. The people of our country, like the peoples everywhere, aspire to live in peace and friendship with all the peoples. Creating such a world begins with ending the imperialist program of dictate, domination, and intervention. A democratic foreign policy demands the immediate withdrawal of all U.S. troops stationed abroad, an end to U.S. participation in aggressive military alliances such as NATO, and an end to all U.S. intervention and pressure against other countries.