In Memorium

Michael Thorburn

November 15, 1948 - June 12, 2007

It is with profound grief that we announce the death of Michael Thorburn, much-beloved First Secretary of the Workers Party, USA.

Comrade Michael Thorburn passed away at 1:29 pm on June 12, 2007. He died peacefully of natural causes.

The whole conscious life of Michael Thorburn is characterized by glorious struggle & unshakable faith in the people.

Michael first became politically active in the youth & student movement and other struggles during the 1960's. He also participated in the organized trade union & working class movements and in the 1990's helped launch the Campaign for Economic Rights. He participated in struggles for full & genuine democratic rights for all. Throughout his life he has been active in struggles against war & militarism and helped set-up and strengthen several anti-imperialist organizations.

Comrade Michael Thorburn, guided by Marxism-Leninism, has rendered immeasurable assistance to the working class & people. He participated in historic struggles against modern revisionism, social democracy and opportunism of all hues. He provided leadership to ever-broader and more thoroughgoing mobilization and organization of the masses in the struggles against the U.S. monopoly capitalist class' program of war, robbery, & repression. During much of his life, the working class of our country was deprived of its own independent political party. He worked tirelessly and with rare courage to build the foundations of and help reconstitute the workers' party – the political party of the working class . With revolutionary fire in his heart, he tended the Workers Party, USA and helped it grow strong.

Michael was a dear and outstanding friend to so many people. He could always be counted on, and his passion and depth of thinking were a treasure to those who knew him. He listened like no one else and always heard down to the heart and essence of what people said to him. A red thread ran consistently through his writings, his ideas, and his actions. His strength of character was and is an inspiration to us all.

The death of Comrade Michael Thorburn is a great loss. The Workers Party conveys its deepest sympathies to our members, our friends and supporters, our fraternal comrades, and to Michael's family and friends.

Michael, we pledge that we will loyally follow your example as we continue marching down the path of Marxism-Leninism and faith in the people!  We pledge that we will spare nothing in the struggle to strengthen & steel our Party! We vow to you, Michael, to hold high the banner of the Workers Party -- for Guarantying the Economic & Other Inviolable Rights of the People, for Democratic Renewal, for a Democratic Foreign Policy, and for Socialism!