Letter to the Editor

June 22, 2016

I was working in an area assigned to me for distribution of The Worker recently when I encountered a Trump advocate who expressed a desire to participate in struggle against the status quo. 

In the course of the discussion it came out that the individual had soft ears for the idea of voting for Trump based on hearing that he was “charismatic” and for that reason believing he may be the best person to have at the helm of America’s national and international affairs. Turns out he had almost zero information about Trump’s actual proposals. We ended up discussing immigration at length. What follows are some of the main points of our discussion. 

Trump promotes pessimism in order to divert from the real problems facing the American people. For example, he tries to direct people’s attention to U.S.-Mexico relations as if these were a problem for the workers. For Trump, a central issue on the minds of the American people during the elections ought to be the prospect of getting Mexican people to foot the bill for U.S. border policies. 

Through these efforts, Trump serves the capitalist class not only by helping to turn the elections into a circus, but also by diverting people from the history and  struggle against the fascistization of the state over the last several years. 

During the Obama administration, we have witnessed a campaign of mass deportations and harassment against immigrants of unprecedented proportions. We witnessed the completion of an electronic fence along the border between the U.S. and Mexico involving a series of physical barriers that runs through the states of California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas. And involving the deployment of a system of aerial drones,  sensors and cameras to monitor the border. We have also witnessed the DHS successful bid to build the nation’s largest fleet of domestic surveillance Predator drones and deploy them in other zones of American airspace. All along the line, we saw the DHS gain more powers to carry out surveillance and intelligence gathering in violation of the basic democratic rights and civil liberties of the entire people.

In short, despite claiming to be a political outsider, Trump has let us know that he's perfectly content with what Obama has done so far and if he is elected president then he will continue the same basic program.

Trump’s entire candidacy reflects the fact that today, the quickest way to become a candidate for office or a media personality is to curse the people. This is the same for candidates from both parties because, despite the superficial contradictions between them, the real “mandate” which a candidate and eventual office-holder receives is the mandate of the Party which nominated him/her and the big monied interests which stand behind the two parties. 

Today, the state is resorting to the most arbitrary methods of rule – putting the whole country at the disposal of the biggest monopolies while suppressing the needs of social development and the rights of the people because of the deepening political polarization. On the one pole, people are turning, in large numbers, away from the two parties and looking into the need for a real alternative. People are looking for the ways to bring a new agenda – a genuinely pro-social agenda – to center-stage in the life of our country. On the other pole, the capitalists are  imposing their anti-social agenda on society and very much rely on the tactic of singling out and marginalizing various sections of the people in order to carry out their attacks on the rights of all.

Just as the reactionary agenda of the government finds its source in the class interests of the capitalists, so too, the agenda for social progress, enlightenment, and emancipation finds its source in the aspirations and struggles of definite classes – in the struggle of the working class and people. History shows that only the working class has been and remains in the forefront for defending the democratic rights and liberties  of all the people. These rights can only be won against the will and power of the capitalist state, through the independent  political movement of the working-class and people.

My new acquaintance and I closed the discussion with him denouncing the two party monopoly, expressing enthusiasm about finding out more about independent working class politics, and with excitement about letting his friends know that the literature of the Workers Party exists.