Join in the Discussion

June 15, 2013

At first sight, it may seem that the problems facing our country and people are nearly insurmountable. The billionaire capitalists who monopolize political and economic power are imposing a thoroughly backward program on us – slashing social investments, increasing the exploitation of the workers, militarizing the economy and marching on the road of foreign aggression. In short, monopoly capital is ruling in the most arbitrary manner and attacking the people.

But is this problem really unsolvable? With the enormous level of economic development achieved by our country, cannot all of us envision a society which eliminates poverty and exploitation and guarantees the economic rights and well-being of everyone? With all the experiences of the workers' movements, the struggles of the oppressed minorities, of the women and youth – all trying to assert themselves and claim the right of the people themselves to be the sovereign creators of society – cannot we all envision a society run by the people themselves? So too, cannot we all envision a world of peace of friendship amongst the peoples?

What is required to turn this vision – a vision which arises from the very conditions of modern society and from the aspirations of the people – into reality? All that is required is to develop the human factor – to bring the thinking, organization and action of the people to bear on the situation.

The activity of our Workers Party is devoted to assisting the development of this human factor. To this end, one of  the continuous activities of our Party – an activity which we consider to be decisive at the present time – is to organize discussion amongst the people.

What kind of discussion?

Firstly, the discussion must be organized on the burning and fundamental problems facing society and the people. It must aim at creating a new political unity amongst the people on the basis of a genuinely pro-social agenda. For our part, the Workers Party initiates discussion on the basic program of economic rights, democratic renewal, a democratic foreign policy and socialism.

Secondly, the discussion must be based on the active participation of people. The issue is not to lecture people, nor to simply go along with what anyone says. The issue is to create an atmosphere in which information and analysis is brought forward, in which people can look into their own experience and discuss their own vision and agenda for society, in which political issues can be sorted out over a period of time.

Organizing such discussion is especially important today when the Democratic and Republican politicians, along with the monopoly-controlled media and other institutions of the status quo, are doing everything to de-politicize people and degrade their consciousness – doing everything to suppress the human factor.

Organizing discussion which 1) starts from the concerns of the people themselves and the needs of social development and 2) stimulates the active participation of people, at once goes against de-politicalization. Such discussion empowers people by bringing forward the agenda of the people and encouraging their active role.

As our Party continues its work of stimulating the discussion on the widest possible basis, we invite all our readers to join in.