Join in Building the Alternative!

February 10, 2012

Even though the elections are still months away, the Democratic and Republican party politicians have already been campaigning for several months. Of course, for these politicians "campaigning" means raising money from the big corporations while studiously avoiding any discussion about the pressing issues on the minds of the masses of people.

So far, the only theme which has emerged from all the fund-raising and hot air is the need to end "irresponsible government spending" on social programs. This is nothing but the undisguised "free market" ideology of the capitalists according to which the workers have no rights as human beings and the government has no responsibility for the well-being of the people. According to this logic, the fundamental rights of the people are looked upon as "burdensome expenses," and the individual is left to fend for herself/himself within the so-called "free market" system. This is the ideology of removing any restraint on the big monopolies, of declaring that society is an arena in which the rich and powerful are "free" to prey on the masses of people.

In our opinion, it is no coincidence that the candidates seem determined to frighten people to death and to attack them.

In our opinion, the entire election process is being used to de-politicize people and turn people away from participating in the affairs of the country. In the end, the elections are nothing but a means to get people, if not to accept, to resign themselves to the agenda of monopoly capital and to get people accustomed to the next face which big business chooses to put in office.

The permanent election campaign of the Democratic and Republican politicians is simply part of the continuous political struggle to deprive the people of political power and impose the agenda of the capitalist class on society as a whole. In short, the election circus – the empty rhetoric, the money-grubbing candidates, the pre-set agenda, etc., etc. – shows the complete bankruptcy of the current political process and political system.

The Workers Party calls to all the people:

"Don't let the rich monopolize the political affairs of our country." The anti-social agenda of the capitalists – the slashing of social investments, the war program and the arbitrary power of the government – is leading our country to disaster.

The workers and people must take matters into their own hands by creating a new politics which brings their own agenda to center-stage. Such a new politics must aim at fundamental changes in the political process and political system so that the people themselves are empowered to determine the direction and future of our country.

We say: use the elections as an occasion to denounce the capitalist politicians and to develop our independent political movement based on our own aims and agenda for society. We say it is high time to get at the root of the problem and put forward our own vision for a society and government run by and for the working class and people themselves.

Instead of letting the Democratic and Republican politicians push us to the sidelines, we say: let's use the election period to further unite and organize ourselves to carry on the political struggle for our vision and agenda.

To assist this campaign, "The Worker" will devote a regular section of the paper to the discussion and struggle to carry out such a democratic renewal of our country. This section will include political articles exposing the anti-social agenda of the capitalist parties as well as articles elaborating a genuinely pro-social agenda. We will include theoretical articles analyzing the political system and political process. We will report on activities of people and political groups trying to create new, independent political space. We encourage all our readers to join in this work and contribute their views and experience.