Join in the Activity of Building the Mass Workers’ Press and Developing the Independent Political Movement of the Working Class!

June 16, 2017

The political crisis which is developing in our country confronts the people with a grave challenge. The Democratic and Republican parties can only offer more poverty and exploitation, more racism, war and repression.

On the other side, people are thoroughly fed up with the Democrats and Republicans. What is more, people are turning towards independent action. In recent months, participation in various protests and demonstrations has become broader and these actions are assuming an increasingly political character. In areas where our Party has concentrated its work, our experience is that large sections of people are enthusiastic about the independent program of economic rights, democratic renewal, a democratic foreign policy and socialism.

What is needed is to accelerate the growth of the independent movement by creating a broad and lively atmosphere in which people can get together and come into the political arena with their own program and banners.

One decisive task in paving the way for the independent political movement is building the mass workers’ press. Through The Worker and other progressive publications, the Party and the working class mobilize public opinion against the reactionary program of the capitalists. Even more importantly the mass workers’ press unites people around the program of economic rights, democratic renewal, a democratic foreign policy and socialism and carries out the theoretical and ideological work needed to rally ever-wider sections of the people.

The Worker and the mass workers' press are helping to create the conditions for defeating the influence of the monopoly-controlled media by going against the de-politicalization of the people and helping to create a new political culture in our country. Such a new political culture can only be created by starting from the aspirations of the people and developing the discussion amongst the broadest sections of the people. Such a new political culture starts from an independent vision and agenda for society and focuses attention on the burning concerns and needs of the people in order to put forward a genuinely pro-social agenda aimed at uniting the people.

To help create the conditions for such a new political culture, The Worker and the mass workers’ press work to provide needed information, background and analysis to assist people in finding out, thinking through problems and strengthening their convictions. We are developing a forum in which people can discuss their agenda as well as the strategy and tactics of their own movement.

To help carry this work out in an organized and collective way, the Party builds groups to discuss and distribute The Worker and to contribute to other Party and non-Party publications. These groups take up the responsibility to politicize themselves and the people in definite areas.

The practical guidelines of the groups to discuss and distribute The Worker include: 1) continually studying the line of The Worker and the concrete conditions in their area in order to decide on the guiding line of their work. Only by consciously working out their guiding line, can the groups go against the pressures of spontaneity and consistently develop the independent politics of the Party amongst the people; 2) bringing this politics to the people by combining widescale distribution and discussion with in-depth, particularized work; and 3) summing up the work.

We call on the members and friends of the Party to help consolidate this work of the Party and break new ground. We call on all the workers and people to break the monopoly of the Republicans and Democrats by speaking their own minds and building their own independent political movement. We call on all progressive political activists to take a broad view of things and sit together to help sort out how to advance our common aims and agenda.

In our view, the day-to-day work of broadening and deepening the content of the mass workers’ press and expanding its circulation is vital to creating the conditions for the rise of the mass independent working class and popular political movement.