John Kerry's Absurd Charade Will Accomplish Nothing

August 15, 2013

Today the Israeli state continues to occupy Palestine and suppress the people. Flying in the face of world wide opinion, Israel refuses to withdraw its troops and continues to demolish Palestinian homes and to uproot people from Jerusalem and throughout the West Bank. Israeli military rule still prevails throughout Palestine. The aggressive Israeli state is fully supported by U.S. imperialism, which arms it and provides it with billions of dollars in aid.

Under such conditions U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry's repeated suggestion that he could be seen as an opponent of Israeli expansionism is worthy of the utmost contempt. Kerry hopes to use this sham to give currency to "final status" negotiations carried out behind closed doors and without the consent of the Palestinian people.

Already – wearing the chauvinist facade of paternalistic "friend" to the Palestinians – John Kerry has repeatedly used the forum of "peace talks" to insist that "good Palestinians" must prove themselves, not only by pledging allegiance to "moderation" and Western values (i.e. renouncing resistance) but also by helping to suppress the just struggles of the people, including for an end to Israeli military occupation, the removal of Israeli settlements from Arab east Jerusalem as well as from the West Bank, and the return of these lands to the Palestinian people. As in the past, Kerry continues to condemn Palestinian resistance as "terrorist" while endorsing Israeli occupation and genocide.

None of Kerry's gimmicks will do a thing to alter the stand of the overwhelming majority of the world's people who firmly support the restoration of the national rights of the Palestinian people, including their right to their own independent state in their historic homeland. Already peoples and leaders throughout the Middle East and the world are denouncing the cynical maneuvering of U.S. imperialism and are making preparations for stepped up struggle against U.S.-Israeli aggression.

The creation of a genuinely independent Palestinian state, organized according to the will of the Palestinian people alone and without any foreign interference, is a historic task to which all of humanity is demanding a solution. The right to self-determination, independence and liberation is an inherent right that belongs to the Palestinian people by virtue of their humanity; it is not a privilege to be "bestowed or denied" on the whims of U.S. imperialism.