Who is Threatening Whom?

February 18, 2008

All the while that the U.S. government makes war preparations against Iran, officials carry out a Big Lie campaign.

Much as in the Big Lie campaign used to prepare for the invasion of Iraq, the Big Lie campaign condemns Iran, without proof, as a “nuclear threat” and for “building weapons of mass destruction.” Repeated investigations by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) have found no validity to such claims and have shown that Iran is compliant with the requirements of the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT). Nevertheless, U.S. officials continue to make these accusations. Demands are made that Iran must do the impossible by providing concrete evidence to disprove a never-ending series of unfounded, unsubstantiated accusations. For example, on February 15 – as part of a push to instigate the U.N. Security Council to impose increased sanctions on Iran – U.S. delegate to the IAEA, George L. Schulte, insisted that Iran must “fully disclose its past weapons work,” and allow “IAEA inspectors to verify it's halted.” Even as Iran continues to cooperate with the IAEA and to maintain openness about its nuclear energy program, the U.S. government refuses to take yes for an answer, but rather, continues blustering that Iran may one day in the future become a nuclear threat.

Meanwhile, it is the U.S. government that, in blatant violation of the NPT, has repeatedly threatened to use tactical nuclear weapons against Iran.

The Big Lie campaign hypocritically condemns Iran for interfering in the internal affairs of Iraq and as a “terrorist state.” It is not Iran, but U.S. imperialism that has invaded and is waging a brutal war of occupation in Iraq. It is U.S. imperialism that has imposed terror and “might makes right” on the world by declaring that every country must bow to its dictate or be “treated like a terrorist.” It is U.S. imperialism that has invaded and occupied Afghanistan and continues to authorize and organize Israeli aggression against the Palestinians, etc., etc.

This Big Lie campaign is carried out by politicians from both the Republican and Democratic Parties. For example, Hillary Clinton co-sponsored a bill that would have designated parts of the Iranian government as a “terrorist organization” and would have increased sanctions on Iran, including on food sales. She has also said, “I would negotiate with them, no conditions, but with some sticks that we could use to try to get leverage to move them in the direction we want,” and, “We cannot, we should not, we must not permit Iran to build or acquire nuclear weapons. And in dealing with this threat, as I've also said for a long time, no option can be taken off the table.”

Similarly, Barack Obama co-sponsored the above-mentioned bill and has said, “Although we must not rule out using military force, we should not hesitate to talk directly to Iran. Our diplomacy should aim to raise the cost for Iran of continuing its nuclear program by applying tougher sanctions and increasing pressure from its key trading partners.”

This Big Lie campaign shows, yet again, that U.S. imperialism wants and needs war and is willing to use any flimsy pretext for its moves against Iran.

Indeed, all the while this deafening propaganda attempts to create a hysteria about Iran, U.S. imperialism carries out very real war preparations against that country. In the fall of 2007 the U.S. military announced a new military base to be built in Iraq called “Combat Outpost Shocker,” which is to be located 4 miles from the Iran-Iraq border. Other U.S. military bases within striking distance of Iran also exist in Iraq and throughout the Middle East and Central Asia such as in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Pentagon officials admit that special forces are already engaged in covert operations inside Iran. U.S. combat aircraft have been violating Iranian airpsace. Since the beginning of 2007, the U.S. has deployed 2 aircraft carrier battle groups within striking distance of Iran.

Clearly, it is U.S. imperialism that is the aggressor.

In order to stop further aggression and prevent war, the American people must continue to oppose every aggressive step taken by the U.S. government towards Iran.