Movement Demands Full Rights for Immigrants

May 20, 2010

A massive movement demanding full rights for immigrants is developing all across the country.

On May 1, hundreds of thousands of Americans from more than 100 cities, joined in actions organized against racist and repressive measures taken by state and municipal governments across the country and by the Federal government.

People from all walks of life and dozens of nationalities – including Mexicans, Colombians, Haitians, Lithuanians, Koreans, Chinese, Irish, people from many Arab countries and many more – joined in the actions. Workers were in the forefront along with students, teachers, clergy, and others. The flags of many nations waved in the crowds and slogans in defense of immigrant rights were shouted in many languages.

In the forefront of the actions, the people raised demands against a new Arizona law which institutes a system of racial profiling which requires that anyone an officer "thinks" is an undocumented immigrant must show papers or be jailed. This and other government attacks on immigrants and its incitement of racism were vigorously denounced.

In addition, the demand of the people is to stop the government from passing new anti-immigrant legislation which would criminalize immigrants and further repress them.