Guarantying the Economic Rights of the People

September 25, 2015

Nowadays, the facts of life for the working people are:

– at least 10 million workers are out of jobs and the majority of the unemployed receive no governmental assistance and are therefore left without any means of a livelihood. Some 30 million can only find part-time or temporary jobs.

– 37.3 million people live below the official government poverty line. This includes millions of retired workers and millions of children who are daily denied enough food.

– tens of millions live in substandard housing.

– 45.7 million workers and their families have no health coverage whatsoever and millions more are under-insured.

Most of us are struggling harder and harder – working longer hours, putting up with inhuman workloads,cutting expenses to the bone, etc. – just to keep our heads above water. And everyday the prospects look worse, not better.

The plain truth is the current economic system is unable to provide a secure, stable livelihood for most of the people. This is true now and before the government and official economists starting calling this a “recession.”

Yet everyone knows that the productive capacity of our country is enormous – more than enough to guarantee all the basic economic rights of the people.

In other words, there is no good reason for all the intolerable economic deprivation, exploitation and insecurity facing the people.

Unemployment, poverty, denial of health care, etc. – these plagues are not natural nor are they the result of a lack of resources. They are only a result of the way in which the economy is organized; they are the inevitable, cancerous outgrowths of present-day capitalism.

Under capitalism our country’s vast natural resources, our modern factories, mass communications system, etc. – the whole of the national, economic heritage which has been created over generations by the working people – have been usurped by a few. Our modern economic infrastructure is not used for the purpose of meeting the basic needs of the people but only to secure the maximum profit for the capitalists.

Thus what is staring us in the face is the need to change these economic relations – to reorganize economic and social life so that the very starting point is to guarantee the rights and well-being of the people.