From the Draft Program for the Working Class

Guaranteeing the Economic and Other Inviolable Rights of the People

January 19, 2017

Today the Workers Party has initiated the Campaign for Economic Rights (CER) as a program for unifying and strengthening the resistance to the capitalist offensive and as part of the work to carry through the struggle for the political economy of the working class under contemporary conditions. 

The CER asserts that every human being simply by virtue of his or her humanity is entitled to certain inalienable economic and human rights including: 

– the right to food, clothing and shelter.

– the right to a job or livelihood commensurate with our country’s level of development. This includes the right to income-security in the event of loss of capacity to work, retirement, etc. 

– the right to comprehensive and free medical and health care.

– the right to the best possible education, from infant care through the university. 

These demands, which correspond with the centuries long struggle of the American people to create a society which genuinely guarantees equal rights for all human beings, are already on the lips of millions of people. The high degree of socialization of economic life, as well as the consciousness of the people created in the course of struggle, have brought the program of economic rights to the fore as a practical problem taken up for solution. 

In addition to these rights which belong to everyone simply by virtue of being human, the workers, women, the youth, senior citizens, and the members of various nationalities all have rights which arise from their position in the society. The people have the right to work and live in a safe and healthy environment. All these rights also must be recognized and guaranteed.

One immediate step in terms of guarantying these rights is for the government to stop bankrupting the public treasury and dislocating the country’s economy in order to guarantee privileges for the big capitalists.