From the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan: Talks Between the Islamic Emirate and Russia Against ISIL Has No Reality

January 19, 2016

On Wednesday 23rd December 2015 some media outlets published a  report quoting the Special Representative of the President of  the Russian Federation to Afghanistan Zamir Kabulov as saying  that they have talked to or established lines of communication  with the Islamic Emirate regarding the threat of so called Dawalah Aslamia of Eraq and Sham (Daesh or “ISIL”) in Afghanistan.

The Islamic Emirate has made and will continue to make contacts  with many regional countries to bring an end to the American  invasion of our country and we consider this our legitimate  right.

But we do not see a need for receiving aid from anyone concerning  so called Daesh and neither have we contacted nor talked with  anyone about this issue.

Some people in Afghanistan are wrongfully taking advantage of  the name Daesh while national and international intelligence  are also supporting them with the aim of prolonging the occupation.  This phenomenon is not acceptable to the Afghan nation hence the  Islamic Emirate as the true representative of its people has to  a large extent uprooted this project and it currently only has  presence in a small corner of a single province out of the 34  provinces which is not worth any concern.

The Afghan Mujahid nation which, with the grace and help of Allah  Almighty, confronted and pushed to the edge of defeat some 49  invading nations and evil elements of their stooge administration  can also Allah Almighty willing repulse this foreign threat and  it has succeeded in doing so to a great degree.