For a New Political Unity

September 2, 2013

The intensifying struggle between the anti-social agenda of monopoly capital and the pro-social agenda is also intensifying the political polarization and political crisis in our country.

The offensive of monopoly capital increasingly exposes the bankruptcy of social-democracy and liberalism and that the working class as a whole has nothing to gain from the alliance between the Democratic Party and the labor aristocracy. Broad sections of the workers are alienated from the political process and are looking for a new path. So too, many sincere activists from the intermediate stratum are genuinely trying to develop the fight against the anti-social agenda and are also increasingly open to a genuine political alternative.

Again, these conditions bring to the fore the necessity for working class activists to take a broad view of things and fight against the pressure to narrow their outlook. A fundamental political realignment is taking place and what is at stake is nothing less than which direction our country will take.

In developing the pro-social agenda, the Party works with all its energy to develop a new and broad political unity of the American people. This unity is independent of ideology and must be based on the concrete tasks confronting our country.

Mass Workers’ Press

In order to successfully develop the pro-social political program on the broadest possible basis, the Party works on a daily basis to organize the working class as a class-for-itself. The mass workers’ press, which gives expression to the independent aims and program of the working class, plays a decisive role in this work.

By clarifying the aims of the movement and sorting out the programmatic tasks – that is, by popularizing the program of economic rights, democratic renewal, a democratic foreign policy and socialism –The Worker and other Party literature unite the conscious and active workers and help mobilize the people on a broad scale.

Furthermore, through the mass workers’ press, the Party and the workers openly contend with the monopoly capitalists over the burning issues of the day. Whether the issue is opposing the U.S. imperialist foreign policy or government cutbacks in social services, the workers use their own press to rally and mobilize the people and to inform the ongoing struggles with direction and program.

In the current conditions, the mass workers’ press is a vital means for bringing enlightenment into the workers’ movement as well as the broad movements for social change. While the monopoly-controlled media maintains a blockade of silence against the struggles and conditions of the workers, the workers’ press helps give people a concrete picture of their own movement. This enables the workers to learn from their own experience and take the questions of strategy, tactics and organization into their own hands. So too, the workers’ press provides vitally needed information as well as a forum for political clarification for the entire pro-social movement. The political, ideological and organizational conditions created by building the mass workers’ press are vital in assisting people to not only react but to develop a pro-active agenda and movement.