Education is a Right!

June 26, 2014

No right is more fundamental than the right of every member of society to have equal access to education so as to prepare herself for the future and learn from the accumulated knowledge of society.

For decades and decades the working class has fought to insure that its daughters and sons have the right to free education. These struggles take many forms, including the struggle of teachers for a living wage and secure jobs, the struggles against segregated schools which deny equal education to the children of the oppressed nationalities, the struggle of parents against school closings and budget cutbacks and for improved education programs, the struggles for pre-school and day care programs funded by the government, etc.

The workers must never submit to the blackmail which claims that the government “has no money.” We must demand an end to tax increases and an end to the dismantling of the public schools. We must demand that the huge resources at the government’s disposal be used to guarantee the right of the people to equal education. These demands can be won when we unite our ranks – parents and teachers, young and old – and stand up for our rights.