The Struggle for Sovereignty

September 26, 2010

The U.S. government lives and breathes chauvinism like humans breathe air.

Day after day, new "edicts" are decreed. Most recently, Iran was hit with another round of economic sanctions and threatened with possible military strikes. Why? The U.S. government – the arbiter of privilege and punishment to all countries – has decided that Iran "can't be trusted" to carry on nuclear research. And the U.S. knows this as surely as the Grand Inquisitor knows the devil, because the Obama administration has "secret information" revealing Iran's "real motives."

In the monopoly-controlled media, U.S. imperialism's program of dictate – this militarism and aggression – is presented not only as the natural order of things but as "just" and "right." Of course, the U.S. must bomb democracy into the Afghan people. Of course, the Iraqi people are too backward to decide their affairs for themselves. Of course the Iraqi resistance is terrorist because the U.S. government says it is. Of course U.S. troops can occupy Korea and partition the country while North Korea has no right to take measures to defend itself. Of course, the U.S., which rigs its own elections, has the right to dictate a "democratic" political system to Cuba. No country is sovereign. No people have rights. The U.S. capitalists alone decide.

But the imperialist arrogance of the U.S. government is not and will not stand. In the long run, it is like the absurdity of the ancient King who whipped the sea for not obeying his commands.

Today, across the globe countries are fighting for sovereignty and independence; peoples are fighting for freedom and social emancipation. Iran is not caving in. The DPRK (North Korea) is building up its own economic and political system, based on its sovereign strength. Across Latin America, the peoples and governments are rejecting neo-liberalism and U.S. domination. In Iraq and Afghanistan, as in Palestine and elsewhere, the peoples are fighting against imperialism and for their national salvation.

All who desire progress and democracy must stand with the peoples and countries struggling for their sovereignty, independence and liberation.