Developing the Discussion

January 17, 2010

There is no lack of opposition to the government's program of war, exploitation, racism and repression. But the people's struggles suffer from a lack of organization and independent politics.

One of the decisive tasks is developing in-depth political discussion on a day-to-day basis – creating new space in which people can sit together, bring out their own experiences, stand up for their interests and talk things through.

More than anything, people need clarity. And clarity takes work.

We cannot be content with exposing the lies of the war or its brutality. We must unfold a broad movement of opposition to the government's entire war program, zero in on the capitalist-imperialist system as the cause of the problem and strengthen our anti-imperialist organizations.

It is necessary for workers to continually fight against wage and benefit cuts, against lay-offs and speed-up. It is also necessary to get a clear picture of how the class struggle is developing on a national basis, zero in on the problem of private ownership of the means of production and build a movement capable of challenging the prerogatives and power of the capitalist class.

It is necessary to unfold all kinds of protests against the government's policies but lasting victory lies in recognizing the class character of government and politics, in isolating and repudiating the Democratic Party and building up the independent political movement of the workers and people.

Creating a center of discussion and clarity is more than a struggle about ideas. When people participate in a consistent, informed way in the political discussion a new, material force is created. This is the force of the peoples' thinking and ideas – their active assertion of their political aims, ideology and program. The more the people are discussing their program and ideas on a daily basis, the more they can initiate all kinds of mass actions and be prepared to struggle in any conditions.

In our political-ideological work, we cannot limit ourselves to responding to the latest lie, fad or maneuver of the capitalists. While we continually criticize and repudiate the capitalist ideology and politics, it is not our starting point. To sustain the struggle for real change, people need the inspiration of their own aims, their own history, their own future and they need to have conviction about the correct strategy and tactics of their movement.

Our starting point is the aims, theory, ideology and program of the working class and people. Our starting point is the struggle of the people for emancipation and enlightenment.

We should never underestimate the importance of ideological and political discussion. The capitalists and opportunist political parties are very conscious of the need to prevent the politicalization of the people and that is why they work so hard to create a suffocating political atmosphere of hysteria, disinformation, splits and diversions.

Carrying on consistent, in-depth political and ideological discussion is the way to unleash the human factor – the revolutionary capacity of people to think, organize and act to change the world.