Democratic Renewal

October 12, 2013

In order to defend their rights and put our country onto the high road of progress and civilization, the working people must create a new political culture and a new political unity amongst themselves. The marginalization and depoliticalization of people must be overcome by giving expression to the independent class aims of the workers.

To help create such a genuine political culture, the Workers Party works to create an atmosphere in which people can get together and discuss their own aims and agenda for society. We work to create new space in which people can get information, sum up their experience, exchange opinions, and zero in on the root problems.

In the course of stimulating the broadest possible political discussion amongst the people, the Party works to provide a concrete program which offers solutions. The Party’s program always starts from the aims and agenda of the people themselves and rejects the limits of the capitalist agenda. Thus we never accept the blackmail that the workers must accept the "lesser evil," that the only "choice" is whether taxes should be raised or social programs cut, that to oppose the war program of U.S. imperialism is tantamount to supporting some other imperialist power. The Workers Party presents an alternative based on the fundamental interests of the workers, an alternative which goes against the privileges of private property in the means of production and which breaks the monopoly of the capitalists over political affairs. Only such a genuinely revolutionary politics can release the initiative of the workers to come into the political arena under their own banners and with their own independent program.

Our Party works to bring to the fore the experience and aspirations of the people themselves, both their criticism of the status quo as well as their vision and aim for society and life. Popularizing and summing up the struggles of the people which are breaking out everywhere, giving system and theoretical substantiation to the thinking and experience of people brings these aspirations to the fore and creates a new atmosphere in which the workers and people are increasingly conscious of their own movement.

The independent politics of the working class includes the demand for the democratic renewal of the political process and political system.

The program of democratic renewal aims at breaking the monopoly of the capitalist class and its parties over political affairs and empowering the working class and people. In addition to guarantying all the democratic rights of the people, the program of democratic renewal demands that the power to nominate candidates be returned to the people and that everyone be guaranteed the equal right to elect and be elected. The program of democratic renewal demands a direct role for the people in governance through such mechanisms as recall and referendum.

This program aims at giving direction and consciousness to the profound disillusionment and political alienation of the people. It exposes the fundamental flaws in the current political process and political system, showing how monopoly capital has rigged the current system to guard its political power. The program of democratic renewal relies on the independent political initiative of the people and brings to the forefront the question of political power.

Democratic renewal includes carrying through to the end the centuries-old struggle of the American people to create a society which guarantees – in practice – equal social, political, and economic rights for all human beings. For more than 200 years, bourgeois political theory has promised equal rights for all but denied these rights in practice. Despite the paper promises, despite the various laws on the books, the reality is that capitalism continues to impose a system of racial discrimination and national oppression on black Americans and other oppressed minorities, women remain super-exploited, oppressed and marginalized, etc. The reason is that no matter what promises are made, the capitalist state and capitalist democracy are set up in the first place to defend the "rights" of private property in the means of production, set up to maintain the exploitation and oppression of the majority – to deny the people their inalienable rights.

Democratic renewal puts forward a modern definition of rights which includes recognition of the peoples’ fundamental economic rights (i.e. the right to livelihood, to health care, etc.) and demands that society guarantee the means necessary for people to exercise all their rights in real life. The program of democratic renewal recognizes that in the final analysis the modern demand for equality – for equal economic, political and social rights for all human beings is the demand for the abolition of social classes.